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    switching polarity

    I have my new qhp-31 and hh-90 motor installed, but I can not get the polarity to switch on its on. I have put a disecq switch between the lnb and the motor but I don't know how to make it switch. On my Coolsat 5K there is no option for disecq ports when you are in motorized dish setup. I...
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    true south satellite

    I have ordered the HH90 motor now and have a few more dumb questions. I have read other threads that cover this. so I have the basic procedure. what I'm not sure of is which satellite is my true south. My Longitude is 80.913263. So when I look at LYNGSAT, It could be AMC5, or NIMIQ2, If I...
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    Dish 500

    I was wondering if the Invacom linear/circular Lnb would allow me to recieve the FTA channels and the dish network channels with just one dish. And run two cables from the lnb to my Coolsat (for FTA) and my Dish receiver for the paid programs. I would have to buy a HH motor I realize. Has...
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    Anik f1r 107.3 W

    I have been trying to find out if Anik f1R 107.3 W is viewable from my location in South Carllina. I would like to get the FTA channels the Lynsat has listed for this satellite. I was told that I would need a circular lnb, and that It could only be received in Canada. But what Little I know...
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    C-band setup

    I am a newbie with a few questions about equipment and setup. I have looked but cannot find any reference to my questions? I have an old Primestar dish, 39" oval shaped, a universal lnb, and a coolsat 5000 receiver, set on G13. I also have and old c- band dish with motor. Can I hook it to the...