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  1. Dan in VA

    Just found this app last night (don't remember what I was reading or how I found it though) for my FireTV. Great couch potato app. They have a guide and play scheduled programming. Music, trending vids, science, news, kids, and some other odds and ends. Anyone else play around with this? They...
  2. Dan in VA

    After 15 years Im not so happy any more

    I've been with Dish for 15 years, in six houses covering four states and I finally have a complaint. I always use Dish mover, and did so in December of 2012. The installer promised me over and over that the neighbor's tree would not obstruct the view even in a few years. Well starting in...
  3. Dan in VA

    Ricmond VA New to OTA

    Good afternoon, I'm new to OTA and planning for what I will need. Last time I had an antenna was 14 years and 4 states ago. It worked great but when I moved I decided to use Dish only. Now I'm just west of Richmond about 2 miles or so from the major network antennas. I plan to install in an...
  4. Dan in VA

    Joey without MoCA

    In one of the rooms I want to utilize a diplexer. Both signals work great but I know MoCA doesn't. I don't utilize any of the on demand or internet apps in this room. Is there anything else that may not work that I would need? Thanks
  5. Dan in VA

    DLP won't pickup channels

    I have a Samsung DLP that won't pick up channels from cable when the coax is directly connected. It will pickup the OTAs just fine however. My Samsung plasma has no issues scanning and picking them up. I choose the same type of scan on each. Any ideas?
  6. Dan in VA

    Dish Anywhere to streaming

    I received the hopper on 12/12/12 and was able to watch recorded sows on my iPad. I opened up the app tonight and now it just asks me if I want to learn about sling any time I click watch. Is this how it is supposed to be?
  7. Dan in VA

    OTA adapter and Cable TV

    Anyone know if the OTA adapter will work with cable TV that doesn't need a cable box or card? I'd like to run a line from my cable hub to the Hopper if it will. Thanks
  8. Dan in VA

    Sling vs Joey

    I don't have the Sling yet but I was thinking of buying one and a WD TV Live. The WDTV has a Sling app to control an available tuner. From my understanding it would then act just like a Joey. Anything I'm missing? Seems like an easy way to save $7 a month for a TV I only use occasionally.