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    OTHER Wanting to get in ku band satellite

    Wanting to get into ku band satellite. Just dont know what to really get. Where do you start at with dish and receiver setup. Thanks Cody
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    COZITV on in OKC Area

    Cozi Tv on in OKC Area on Kaut 43.4. Did my weekly scan and it was there.
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    New Subchannels but same networks

    Recently in OKC channel 52 added 4 subchannels (Laff,Grit,Escape,and Bounce) but we already have these channels on 21.4, 21.5, 21.6 and 43.3. The only difference is the have channel info on them and escape is in widescreen format vs 4:3. Anyone know of the reason for doing this just seems...
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    Help in choosing right antenna

    Hi , I recently cut the cord on my satellite and I am wondering which antenna would work best for me. Here is what tv fool gives me. Also is it possible to pickup some of the gray channels ? If not no biggie. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Cody