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    Directv Genie question....

    I'm currently on contract for another year and a half. I have 2 Directv HD Receivers. I was wondering if I'm allowed and able to upgrade and get an HD Genie DVR even though I'm still under contract? My parents have one and I love it and wished I had gotten them when I signed up. Anyways, if so...
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    NFL Sunday Ticket Question

    Part of my contract for signing up with Directv a couple of months ago, is that I get NFL Sunday Ticket included for free. My question is, what channel(s) are NFL Sunday Ticket on for when football season starts? Also, does that include pre-season, or just only regular season? Thanks!
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    New to the Directv Family

    Hi ya'll, I'm officially a new member of the Directv Family as of today. I dumped my former cable provider (Suddenlink) after they changed and dropped a lot of the Viacom/other channels that I miss and enjoy watching. So far I'm very impressed and am loving my new Directv service! I have a...