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  1. steecoe

    What does an AT&T fiber install require?

    Can this be a self install? Is there a physical cable or wire that needs to be ran fresh from the road? How does the connection get to me inside the house? I am thinking of ditching xfinity wifi & bundling AT&T fiber with my Directv. Will an installer need access to my house? Just the outside?
  2. steecoe

    Music & Photo Streaming Missing

    My HR44 is missing the music video & photo streaming. I have done countless resets and it's not coming back....Any ideas on how to 'force' it back?
  3. steecoe


    Is this thing worth it? My kids have old deactivated iphones that they use like ipods for music & games & stuff, watching shows from the DVRs would be a plus for them to be able to do - at home & on road trips. How well does it do in this capacity?
  4. steecoe

    SWM 8 vs SWM 16

    So I am going to be swapping my swm 8 out with a swm 16. For my current set up I have 1 line coming off of the SWM1/PWR going into the power inserter, then the 8 way splitter is fed by the IRD port of the power inserter with the DVRs being fed from the 8 way splitter. Is this type of set up NOT...
  5. steecoe

    Should I get an HR24 or HR44?

    I'm thinking of replacing my aging (dying) HR20. I have a few DVRs (HR23 being the newest) with the unsupported whole-home connected via ethernet & I am perfectly happy with my set up. I wanted to get an HR24, but I was curious if the HR44 would be worth shelling out a couple more bucks. Can I...
  6. steecoe

    DTV HD compression rate?

    Whats the average or max video bitrate that DIrecTV's HD is set at?
  7. steecoe

    YouTube gone after new firmware

    So my HR21 took the firmware update like 4 weeks ago & Since then youtube & pandora are gone. Is there any way to 'force' them to come back? I have tried resetting countless times (from the menu as well as the front panel button) with no luck.
  8. steecoe

    off-air tuner on HR-20

    Why would tuner one be showing a decent signal & tuner 2 have little to no signal? There's only one input & it is not run with swm signal, it's a seperate cable. Am I missing something?
  9. steecoe

    "Unsupported" MRV issue/question

    Not sure if I have something set up wrong, or if this is how it should be acting... While DVR A is watching a recorded program from DVR B, DVR C is showing all programs from DVR B as unavailable, although DVR C can still watch programs from DVR A. Is this "normal" ? I dont remember running in...
  10. steecoe

    diplexing off-air signal on a SWM 8

    Thinking about doing this to eliminate excessive cable runs....Any thoughts? My biggest concern would be loss of signal strength vs. a straight dedicated run from the antenna. Is it better to have a seperate line or will it be just as good either way?
  11. steecoe

    SWM trouble with HR20-700

    Is there any reason that I would be having trouble using a SWM 8 setup with an HR20? I just put in the SWM8 today, I first transitioned an HR23 with no issues. Upon converting over the HR-20, my signal readings are crap & the DVR is slow to respond and just not working right. I used the same...
  12. steecoe

    Diagnostics Code 14-495

    Anyone ever see this screen? Diagnostics Code 14-495 Is my hard drive toast? We lost power & when everything came back on, I have this screen to enjoy :(
  13. steecoe

    newer HD channels 'disappearing'

    Has anyone else had any of the newer HD channels disappear from their favorites list? In the last few weeks I have had to re-select the newer HD channels into my favorite list at least once on the HR20 & 2 or 3 times on the HR 23s. I am referring to the HD movie channels & Lifetime HD & hallmark...
  14. steecoe

    ordering a DVR from DTV

    Anyone know if they are sending out HR24s when you order off of DTV's site? I was thinking of adding/ugrading another HD DVR since they are showing that I can get one for 99 bucks. Would be cool to get the latest & greatest:up
  15. steecoe

    Play all restarting from the begining

    My kids love Spongebob & Phineas & Ferb so we always have at least 5-10 episodes on the DVRs at all times. My problem is that when we select play on the folder to play all episodes, instead of picking up from the point at which previous playback was stopped, it will start the list again from the...
  16. steecoe

    HR20-700 reseting itself

    My HR20-700 reset itself at least twice today. once around noon & then again around 5 pm (eastern). Anyone else? or just me? It's still showing firmware 0x34c, so it wasn't a firmware update.....
  17. steecoe

    ordering a receiver from DTVs website

    When you order an additional receiver from the DTV website, do they ship it to your house or do they schedule an installer to bring one out? Is it always a new unit? I wouldn't mind picking up another HD DVR for 99 bucks :D, but i don't want to take a day off of work to sit around & wait for...
  18. steecoe

    exit button won't exit from recording

    :confused: This seems weird but I cannot exit from a recording that is being played using the exit button. The exit button works to exit from the guide & exit from the playlist. I first noticed this today. I have an HR20-700 & brand new batteries in the remote. I am back on the national release...
  19. steecoe

    110 & 119 with SL3??

    How would it be that the SL3 LNB would be giving me signal from the 110 & 119? I thought that they were only supposed to pick up the 99 101 & 103...
  20. steecoe

    highest frequency

    Whats the upper freq limit coming off of the 5 LNB dish? I bought a ground block & it says it is rated 0-3 GHZ. I don't want to choke any of the signal if they go higher than that....