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  1. kmmcdonald

    722 & OTA Module Questions

    I currently use a 722 receiver, and I do not subscribe to local channels. I am interested in acquiring and installing an OTA module (with antenna) for local channels. To that end, I have some questions, some of which not even Dish Technical Support could answer: 1) If the OTA module is...
  2. kmmcdonald

    Are "price lock" packages for new and/or existing customers?

    Are the current Dish "price lock" pricing for new customers only? Of for existing customers as well?
  3. kmmcdonald

    questions about switching from VIP722 to Hopper

    Currently, we have two VPI722's and are considering switching to a single Hopper. We with to retain and play all of the programming that we currently have saved on the external USB hard drives. To that end, I have some questions: 1) Can the external USB hard drive on one VIP722, along with its...
  4. kmmcdonald

    Hopper & external hard drive from VIP722

    If I upgrade our VIP722 to a Hopper, will I be able to play the movies that are on our external USB hard drive (recorded using the VIP722)? thanks
  5. kmmcdonald

    watching internal & external hard drive contents withour Dish subscription

    We are thinking of dropping Dish. However, if we do so, and if we own the receiver, can we still watch the contents of the internal hard drive, and the external USB hard drive? thanks
  6. kmmcdonald

    first 16 minutes don't record two days a week

    We have two timers (and ONLY two) set for 6am M-F. On Wednesday and Thursday, the first 16 minutes of each of the two programs are not recorded. There are no timer conflicts at that time, and nothing else records at that time. Any advice on how to fix this, or what is causing this?
  7. kmmcdonald

    dropouts on a few channels

    For the past few days, we have been observing intermittent blocking and audio glitches on some channels, but not all. (We are in Phoenix, AZ.) At first, I thought that they were associated with just satellite (129), but I have observed these anomalies on select channels on 129, and I think, on...
  8. kmmcdonald

    722k & SA vs. 922 slingloaded DVR vs. 722K & slingbox 350

    I have searched the forum and could not find answers to my questions. We currently have a VIP722k which is connected to the internet. A USB hard drive is connected to the rear USB port. We want to add "sling" capability. What is the best way to go about this: a) Add Slingbox Adapter...
  9. kmmcdonald

    722 & USB SATA docking station

    We have had a USB hard drive connected to our 722 successfully for some time. The drive is about full, and it's time to upgrade. I am considering a USB SATA docking station (e.g. Startech SATADOCKU2E) and 2TB SATA hard drive. Has anyone tried a combination like this successfully? thanks Keith
  10. kmmcdonald

    recording inauguration on two channels

    I want to record the inauguration coverage to DVR from more than one HD network, so later that evening, I can select the coverage that has the least commentary, least news crawls, real HD, etc.. However, I cannot do that. When I try to set up the second channel to record, one of the two is x-ed...
  11. kmmcdonald

    Dish vs. contract tech

    I installed our original system myself. I bought it from our local Dish distributor, who worked in a smoke-filled store and tried to cheat me out of every accessory (e.g. free Dish installation kit) to which Dish said that I was entitled. But I successfully completed the installation myself...
  12. kmmcdonald

    why phone line?

    We just had a VIP622 installed. The installer plugged in the phone line. We have never plugged in the phone connection with any of our previous Dish boxes. We never use PPV, and I don't care about the caller ID feature. Of what benefit is to me to keep the phone line plugged in? Will there be...