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    Attn Dish Support: BAD CS EXPERIENCE/Need OTA

    I've been a customer for many, many years and I get treated like crap. Terrible customer service. Called to see if they can re-hook up my outside Antenna that DISH disconnected on the last upgrade I have a couple of years ago. And they want to charge me $95 for something that they did, and that...
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    Latest Update Broke 5Ghz Wifi or Broken Hopper?

    So I got the latest software update (the one with Google Assistant built in) this morning, everything was working fine. We had a bad storm which knocked our power for a few minutes and when everything came back online the Hopper would no longer connect to my router. I did the connection reset...
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    Hopper 3/Joey 4k 10/19 Update Alexa & Voice Issues

    Go the Hopper 3 & Joey 4k Updates today (dated 10/19). Alexa no longer works and is gone from the Joey 4k, not even an icon for it in settings or anywhere else. Voice remote doesn't work at all now via voice commands either. Internet connection is fine. I checked the Hopper 3 and Alexa no...
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    Mystery Rebooting, Please Help

    So for a couple of weeks thus far my Hopper 3 has been randomly rebooting. Now here's the mysterious part of this whole thing... It reboots every day and only in the morning, around every hour & 15 minutes. And the last one is always before 12pm. Does not do any more reboots after that. For...
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    Dec 13th Update Broke My Joey Connection

    Is anyone else having this issue... At random times my Joey 4k will lose the connection to the Hopper and I have to reboot the Joey again. The link quality shows "strong" but it just becomes "unlinked" for no reason at all. Even when unlinked it shows link quality as strong. I believe this...
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    FYI: 4K Joey Update Includes NETFLIX 4K!

    Finally after something like 2 years of "Netflix coming soon" (soon to Dish is 2 years, lol), the latest update U482 now includes Netflix with 4k content. I don't see Netflix yet on the apps section yet but you can find it in the guide and in the menu.
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    Help Please - External Hard Drive Stopped Working

    Hello, I noticed my external hard drive was no longer being recognized via my Hopper 3. I've had it for years with if I had to guess maybe a hundred movies or so. I am getting error 865 which is asking me to reformat the drive to work with the Hopper which it already did for years. I did all...
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    Issues with Voice Remote's Voice Usage?

    Is anyone else having issues with the voice remote lately? For example, I say "Channel TEN", it does nothing yet it shows the text "Channel 10". I say "Channel 010" it goes right to channel 10 no problem. I say "Channel Twelve" and it goes to channel 120 instead. If I say "Channel 012" it then...
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    Other Showtimes Search?

    Does anyone know how to get the "other showtimes" or whatever it's called from the info menu? This is really annoying. When there's something on that's already playing, sometimes I want to watch it from the beginning by recording another showing of the movie. However, there is no option for that...
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    Any Way to Restrict Deleting and/or Recording?

    Does anyone know of a way to have the Hopper 3 system require a password when someone goes to delete a DVR recording and/or require a password if someone tries to record something? Please tell me there is, this is driving me nuts. :( Thanks! Jay
  11. J

    PTAT Enabling Auto-Hop w/Hopper 3?

    Ok so I finally decided to enable PTAT today. The booklet that came with the H# said there would be a screen that you clicked a checkbox on to enable the Auto-Hop feature, but that screen never popped up. I looked in the options and settings and cannot find anything to enable it. I thought that...
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    Wireless Joey - Purchasing Outright?

    If I purchase a Wireless Joey and Wireless Access Point outright from Ebay, does anyone know if I would still have to pay the $7/month fee? Thanks! Jay
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    Hopper 3 - Turning on To Home Screen Annoyance

    When turning on the H# it always goes to the "home" screen. Does anyone know of a setting to turn it on to TV instead. It's very annoying. 4K Joey goes right to TV. Thanks Jay
  14. J

    4K Test/Demo Channel?

    I was reading somewhere on here about a 4k Test/demo channel but I cannot find the post anywhere. I cannot find any 4k test/demo channel in the guide either. I just had a H3 & Joey 4K installed and would like to check them out. Yes my TV is 4k as well. Does anyone know? Thanks! Jay
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    Weather Channel App Broken on Super Joey

    Would anyone have any idea what's wrong with my Weather Channel app on my Super Joey? I got my old Hopper/Joey replaced a week ago with a HWS/Super Joey and everything works fine except for the Weather Channel app on the super Joey. When I start it minimized it shows the forecast for Englewood...
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    Super Joey Standing Vertically?

    Does anyone know of a stand that would allow the Super Joey to stand up vertically such as the one that came with the regular Joey? Thanks! Jay
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    From Original Hopper/Joey to HWS & Super Joey Better Picture?

    Did anyone else go from the original Hopper/Joey to the new HWS and/or Super Joey and notice the picture being noticeably clearer? It was always a decent picture for the most part, but man it seems so much more sharp & clearer now. This is on both my 60" DLP & my 42" LCD. I was downstairs where...
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    2 HWS to Replace Hopper 2k & Joey?

    I am in need of some advice... So I got sick of not having enough tuners and the Joey being so slow and called Dish to replace the Joey. They told me $3/month more for a Super Joey (2 additional tuners) or $5/month for another Hopper (HWS version & 3 additional tuners). So for $2 more I get an...
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    Considering Switching From Dish, Some Questions

    Hello, Fios just became available here in my area. The bundle price is really tempting, I think it's as much as I pay for dish just for TV, maybe a tad more but I'll get Phone and Internet too. What I am looking at is the highest tier which is $139.99/MO. This includes TV Ultimate HD, Home...
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    Upgrade Super Joey/Wireless Joey Questions, Please Help

    Hello, Since I cannot get any actual questions answered from Dish Upgrade Phones or Dish Tech Help Phones (they are overseas people reading canned responses) please can someone answer my questions? I am very frustrated right now trying to get some answers... Ok first thing. I have a Hopper 2k...