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    Costco loads up on BD and HD-DVD players

    The BD1400 is not profile 1.1. There is an ethernet connection, but it is for updates only (but it's still nice to have that). There was an update to software version 1.1, which may have inadvertently created some confusion over the profile.
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    BluRay will soon die?

    Apparently not. It's "Blu-ray."
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    A New Petition for Universal Studios to Support Blu-ray

    If you create a petition urging Universal not to support BR, I'd sign that, in hopes that HD DVD, a simpler, cheaper technology that, so far at least, produces picture and sound at least as good as, and in many cases, better than, BR, will prevail. I'd also be happy to sign a petition urging...
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    Playstation 3 not helping Blu-ray?

    Didn't you know? BR people are very different from HD DVD people. Unlike everyone else in the world, BR people don't buy from At least that's what BR supports say. I just can't remember what their explanation is.
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    Turn HD-A1 off or leave it on?

    Turning it off and on probably puts more wear on it than leaving it on all the time. I turn mine off anyway, though, because it puts out a fair amount of heat.
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    What about us Charter Members!

    I realize in advance that trying to discuss this matter rationally is a waste of time, but as far as I can tell, I didn't have a purchase agreement at all (and I did purchase my stb), and, in any case, VOOM was operated not by Cablevision but by Rainbow DBS Company LLC.
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    Help With Ota!!

    Connect your antenna cable back to the VOOM stb. You should be able to get OTA channels through the VOOM stb.
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    OTA and Voom Receivers

    A CSR just told me that if you own your stb, it will still work for locals after VOOM shuts down. Since I own mine, I didn't ask about people who rent.
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    What about purchased receivers??

    This thread is a good illustration of how screwed up our court system is, and I'm a lawyer. I bought my stb, too. I knew the company was a start-up and knew it might not make it. That's the risk of being an early adopter. If you buy an HD DVD player and the format doesn't survive, are you...
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    VOOM Web Site is DOWN!!!

    The bills I receive have a return envelope, an address where to send payment, and a stub to send with payment. I suspect most of us assume the check should be made out to Voom.
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    VoOm Guide: Kill Bill Vol.1 April 1st on Starz

    If the ax had fallen, you would see a thread on it. Dolan was expected to discuss VOOM's future with the Cablevision board today, but there's been no announcement.
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    Software probs w/ STB

    I haven't received a call, but my stb has locked up frequently since the next to last update. Maybe they're replacing stbs of a certain vintage. I started with VOOM in December 2003, and I believe the stb is that old. Is yours?
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    ****My rant against PQ on New Encoders****

    I have an idea: Since VOOM's survival is hanging in the balance, let's do everything we can to run them down. Maybe you'll feel better April 1.
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    New channels look bad!

    Yes. Last night, they showed Five Fingers, War of the Roses, and the King and I. This morning, they showed My Cousin Rachel. I hate liking anything associated with Fox, but the Fox Movie Channel is pretty good.
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    New Channels Added! (BBC, Noggin, etc...)

    If you have four premium movie channels in HD, you should consider yourself lucky. Except for VOOMers, few people have that. Of course, if you want lots more, there's VOOM.
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    Ch. 308: "This channel reserved for future use"

    I suspect 302 will be ESPN2HD and 308 will be ESPNU.
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    The Majestic HD (107): Elmer Gantry (Premieres)

    It was shown 16:9. Looked good, not great. The sound under the opening credits was off, as if the film was running at a slightly wrong speed.
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    Cablevision Enters into Interim Agreement Regarding VOOM

    I know some people are unhappy unless they have something to complain about, but this is definitely good news. The Board, which a week ago sent a threatening letter to Dolan, has made a sharp turn and will now work with him "cooperatively to finalize the separation from Cablevision of its...
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    WSJ: New board takes no action on VOOM

    So what do your sources say?
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    WSJ: New board takes no action on VOOM Unfortunately, you have to pay to read the article.