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    HD Package Channels Not Working?

    For some reason my HD channels are not coming in. It's just the channels in the HD package (channels in the 70's), I don't receive the HD locals and I have a 3LNB dish. They were working yesterday but now it says "searching for satellite signal". All of my other channels are working fine...
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    Cannot see SD Locals on One Receiver Only

    For some reason I cannot see my SD locals on one of my receivers. They are working on the other receivers in the house, just not the bedroom receiver. They worked the other day and all of a sudden it says to call customer service. I rebooted the receiver but still no luck. Any ideas what could...
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    SV Channels

    I don't know if this is old news but I noticed on my receiver tonight that I am getting all my SV channels. I'm in New Haven County, CT and I'm getting all the NY stations as well as my regular locals. The only missing channel WABC NY but I'm getting CBSNY, NBCNY and FOXNY. Any one else...