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    PPV / VOD price increase

    I can purchase the movies cheaper at Hollywood Videos before they even make it to PPV.
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    New FOX Business Channel

    October 15th, is the debute of the New FOX Business Channel. What providers will be carrying this New Channel?
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    External HDD feature for ViP622 and ViP722: coming 8/15: $39.99

    Will any USB External Hard Drive work?
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    Dish Service Call...

    I had a Black & White issue on my VIP622, where when using the Super Video or RCA cable to my TV the image was in Black & White only. A shortcut to correct this program was to unplug the receiver for about 10 seconds or so. Issue would correct it's self. But if I powered down the system and came...
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    Dish Service Call...

    I have never been charged a service fee. I do all the swap outs myself. If I have a defected box, when happens often. I call Dish Network, explain to them what is the issue. They ship me out the new box and I install it. And now you even activate the new boxes over the Internet. When you...
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    Black and White VIP622

    Has anyone ever encounter an issue with a VIP622 Super Video or Regular RCA video broardcasting in Black and White? HDMI is ok and Component outputs are ok. If I unplug the unit it is ok for a while then reverts back to Black and White. :confused:
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    Is E* cheaper than D*?

    E* is much cheaper if you have 4 or more TV"s. You save $5.00 on converter boxes alone. E* offers dual boxes D* doesn't.
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    DISH Network(TM) & Disney's Buena Vista Video-on-Demand Sign VOD Movie Deal

    Will this offer be for PPV or will their be a free library of movies like Comcast offers??????
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    HBO Cost?

    There are only 8 episodes for the final season with a posible 9th show to end it all.
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    622 Cant record on tv1?

    You can still record HD programming on TV2. Quality, sound and aspects are the same. Your just recording to a hard drive that both TV1 and TV2 use. Picture quality should not be and issue. At least it is not for me.
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    New "CHILLER" channel - Do you think Dish will carry it?

    The difference between Monster HD and Chiller HD is Chiller will be available in SD also. Voom doesn't offer any of there channals in SD.
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    programming access fee?

    You should only see a Programing Access fee for $6.00 if you have the VIP622 or VIP211 receivers to receive HD programing. It is E* way to make extra money.
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    First Look: DishONLINE

    I was only asking cause I know you don't need DVR service to use OnDamand on Comcast.
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    First Look: DishONLINE

    Do you need to have a DVR use Dish ONLINE?
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    Not happy with StarzHD quality

    Starz HD Has anyone who has Starz HD notice the bad pixelation that is going on? Starz SD is perfectly fine. :(
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    Vip 211 Droupouts

    Samehere. I also have a VIP211 with an Optical hookup. I notice it after the last software update.