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    Unneed wing after EA

    I just got an Eastern Arc update with a 1000.4, but the tech insisted I needed a 110 wing dish also. I've discovered this is not true and I am not getting any channels off 110 (I am an HD customer). The EA and wing dishes are mounted on separate ground posts with cabling running underground...
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    Setting Timer for Alice on Sci Fi

    We set a timer for Part 1 of Alice on Sci Fi tonight, but are unable to set a timer for Part 2 on Monday night. It just shows the red X in that time slot after we attempt to set that timer. Any ideas?
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    NASCAR on ESPN stutters badly

    Anyone else getting a lot of video stutter during NASCAR race on ESPN? I currently watching the Nationwide Race at Lowes Motor Speedway and it is pretty bad. And it isn't the first time.
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    Recording The Last Templar

    We have been unable to schedule the recording of part 2 of The Last Templar on NBC for Monday night. The VIP622 says the event is already on the DVR, but it is part 1 on the DVR. Anyone else have this problem or a solution? We finally did a manual timer starting 2 minutes earlier so it...
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    622/722 Audio output via HDMI

    A guy on the AVS forum asked why he couldn't get Dolby Digital 5.1 from his 722 with the HDMI going to his AVR. I read my 622 manual and it looks to me like DD/PCM are output on the toslink and only PCM is output via HDMI. I'm using component/toslink to my AVR for surround sound and HDMI from...
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    Analyst: Dish could lose billions

    Not to start a panic, but surprised this Swanni story hasn't posted here yet: Analyst: TiVo Could Cost Dish Network Billions The official says the DVR patent lawsuit could be a crippler. By Swanni...
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    HD Channel Re-mapping

    A few months ago I saw a post that explained how to turn off automatic re-mapping of SD channels to their HD counterpart. I didn't care for the feature and turned it off so if I wanted an HD channel I had to select it. Turns out my wife never noticed and has been recording SD channels instead...
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    Festive Colors

    How about these Christmas colors!!! My compliments to the Webmaster.
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    Harmony Remotes vs 622 remote

    Are there any universal remotes that will work as replacements for the 622 TV2 remote, such as the Harmony 880 or 890? My reason for asking is that the 622 remote can't do much more than power our Sceptre HDTV on and off. The Harmony remotes can provide full function for the TV and DVD...
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    OTA recording

    I can see where some might end up paying for the locals pkg just to make OTA recording easier. I finally have it figured out and more efficient to set up a manual timer. Is there a way to add an identifier so that the recording has something more descriptive than "Digital Service?" I would...