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    CV will be beta testing new samsung all in one boxes shortly. Not sure of the specs, but anything is better than the SA boxes they have now.
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    CV Bandwidth Reclamation project

    Today I recieved notice that cv will start reclaiming bandwidth from the analog channels in preperation for the addition of numerous hd channels. Any subscriber who does not subscribe to the digital package (iO) and loses a channel they wish to keep will be able to upgrade their package free of...
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    ESPN 2 in hd finally

    December 21st launches espn 2 in hd on allspectrums...YESSSSS!:D
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    Food Network/HGTV in HD

    Got word today, Food Network and HGTV HD will be launching on November 28th, that is if all goes as planned.....HGTV in HD..wahooo:confused:
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    Starz/Encore contract renewal

    Dont know how much truth there is to it, but word in the cv streets is they might not be renewing the starz/encore movie package contract which expires on Tuesday....uhhhhohhhh.
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    4 Channels Added To Io En Espanol

    Beginning 5/15 and ending 5/23 4 new channels will be added to the io en espanol tier of service. NDTV-Dominican channel Ecuavisa Internacional Caracol TV Internacional WAPA America Channels are added free of charge and will be available to anyone subscribing to io en espanol.
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    Discovery Hd And Ng Hd

    Dont have a link, but got in the mailbox today..... Between March 20th and March 22nd, both channels will be launching in the io lineup...Discovery HD theatre and National geographic HD in all areas except the Woodbury Spectrum. FINALLY!!!!:) :) :) :) :) :)
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    one who cares, and one oOoOoO!!!

    I have a who cares channel for ya guys, cvc will be carrying sony tv by the end of january rumor has it.... CVC will be able to carry up to 4 lines on optimum voice(residential) as of 1/1/07
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    VOOM HD channels coming to Cablevision

    the bethpage corporate headquarters has them in their offices for beta testing.....should be coming soon, i think their holding it as an ace in their pocket.
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    Reminder For Tmc

    TMC launches in all cvc areas today, channel 97......finally.