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    Actvating HD receivers without extending contract?

    What about if I just wanted to get a cheaper HD receiver like the H20?
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    Actvating HD receivers without extending contract?

    If I purchase my own HD receivers, can I activate them without extending my contract? I need to get 2 more HD receivers.
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    CMDY, CMT and now SPIKE in SD, but not HD?

    Same. HD Absolute. No Spike
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    Suspend Accounts?

    How long can we suspend our E* accounts for?
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    Smithsonian HD dropped and replaced with Crime & Investigation HD

    Is this new? Or has this been around for awhile? Smithsonian was 374 and C&I is 387
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    What happens to HD Absolute when the price increases?

    I've searched the forums, and I haven't been able to find anything on this.
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    How do you view your statements online!?!?

    Everytime i click on it it downloads a .do file... WHAT??
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    second dish cost for international channels?

    Everytime I call E* the CSR never gives me an answer. I originally have a Dish 1000. So what exactly would I have to do for international channels off the 118?
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    Was supposed to get Dish 1000+ but got Dish 1000.2

    Nope. I ordered it at the time of the install. I added the KBS World channel which is only on 118.7.
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    Was supposed to get Dish 1000+ but got Dish 1000.2

    I needed the 1000+ for international channels but I got the 1000.2 instead. Will E* change the dish for me for free? Or will I have to pay for a new one? Could I get a wing dish to pick up 118.7?
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    ethernet on 222?

    Instead of using a phoneline to dial out on the 222 can i use the ethernet? I have voip through tmobile and im not quite sure how i can get it to work
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    Still possible to get a wing dish?

    I have been trying to get E* installed at my house but the international programming is forcing me to put it right in the front of my house hanging over the porch so i gave in and dropped the international programming just to get E* installed =\ The tech dude told me that they dont do wing...
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    Anyone have E* and D* at the same time?

    Anyone have dishes visible from the road? My E* install was going to take place but my D* dishes are taking up the area thats needed (due to trees and such) now im debating if I want to put a dish that is visible from the road.
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    An easier way of getting the PI channels added?

    Every CSR has no idea what im talking about i want my kbsworld!
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    Anyone done the Sharp HDTV E* offer?

    I signed up for the email, but it hasnt been sent you yet the link is here if no one knows what i am talking about DISH Network -- Offers
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    About to sign up for E* should i hold out for EA?

    I live in Dallas, and I am not quite sure how this will affect me
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    Bare Minimum

    I am also looking to downgrade. I am locked in a 24 month committment with D* and I was just wondering if it was REQUIRED for me to pay the HD Access fee if I have an HD Receiver. I want to move over to E* with their HD only pack and keep my international programming with D*
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    Can we suspend our acct for a period of time?

    I'm debating on getting E* along with D* and I was wondering if you could suspend your account for a period of time..say the NFL season =]
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    Anyone have E* and D* at the same time?

    =\ I'm debating if I should get E* and D* just to have D* for the NFL season, but the farm of dishes means holes in my roof =\ not sure if i should take the plunge
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    Anyone have E* and D* at the same time?

    Do you have a farm of dishes on your roof?