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    shaw direct in miami fl

    do I need the new xku lnb in maimi fl I have a 75e dish
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    Bell expressVu

    Can you get Bell expressVu down here in Miami fl ? thanks
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    just lost HD channel

    Did anyone lose some HD channels on shaw today like channel 263 They were working at 3:30 today . When to game was on
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    Shaw Signal

    how do I find the Installation Settings on my HDDSR 600 I can fine tune my signal
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    2014 NFL Sunday Ticket - Early Bird Pricing

    Anyone getting a good deal yet?
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    acquring sat signal on hd

    Lost sat signal on Hd channel anyone else lose them on statchoice?
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    nfl sundat ticket sat..

    I have a HR24/100 rec.. and I am going to my brothers house for 2 weekends when footballs is on if I bring a single lnb dish with me what sat do I point at so I can get the sunday ticket ? It don't have to be in HD. Thanks
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    NFL sunday ticket

    Anyone know what shaw direct is charging for NFL sunday ticket this year? And does it auto renew?
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    RS1933 Manhattan MPEG2 / MPEG4 HD Satellite Receiver

    Can I get CBC with this Receiver?
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    505 to 600 remote

    I upgrated from 505 to 600 but my broker did not give me new remotes with the new 600 .I have to use the old ones is this normal? Or did they keep them?
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    So in order to get ST on shawdirect we will have to up grade to the 6XX models rec..? Or will the 505 works?
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    505 new S/w

    My 505 HD updated to version 00.FE last night Do anyone know whats new in this version?
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    dumb question SD 630

    How do I do a soft and hard reboot on a new 630 by Shawdirect? I know how to do one of them by holding the power down for 10 sec. But is that a hard or solt reboot?
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    sunday ticket ??

    Anyone seen the price for nfl sunday ticket yet for starchoice yet?
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    OILERS at CANUCKS HD -? tonite

    Can the poeple who have nhl center ice with dishnetwork ,comcast,or at&t u-verse let me know if thay are getting this game in HD. I know sorry a$$ directv is NOT!
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    NHL center ice HD canada Directv

    I email directv and asked them Why thay are you not using the HD feeds from canadan teams?(TSN & RSN) Here what thay said Thank you for your suggestion! I see that you have been a loyal DIRECTV customer for many years. I would like to personally assure you that your feedback about NHL CENTER...
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    NHL center ice

    I tryed to get a discount like everyone was getting for football. But did not get one .Did anyone try to get one for center ice yet like I did?
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    shawdirect help

    I need help on finding out what is the cheapest package I can get to get Rogers Sportsnet HD,TSN HD and the nets in HD.Right now I have DIGITAL FAVOURITES for $54.99 + 2.99 for hd sports.To get them all is there a cheaper way to get them?
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    Which one would you get

    Samsung LN55B650 55" LCD HDTV Toshiba Regza 55ZV650U 55" LCD HDTV Samsung PN58B650 58" Plasma TV Please help me pick one
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    low sound

    Is anyone having to turn up the sound on HD channels ? Or is it just me?I have to turn up the sound on the tv almost all the way up. And if I go to outside anntenna it is loud.So I know it`s not the tv.