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    Dish Remote Control App

    I've been with dish for many years, and do like it. I use it primarily with SageTV though, and never interact with the boxes directly. I do have an interesting question though. Dish seems to have rolled out, as part of their Sling add-on to the 722 boxes, a remote control app for iOS and...
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    STB control over Ethernet.. possible?

    So, apparently the new ethernet/http interface of the DirecTV boxes offers a lot of interesting options (especially for HTPC/PC DVR users). Most importantly, it opens up a way to control the STB via ethernet, as opposed to serial. Dish, on the other hand, doesn't even have the serial option...
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    Galaxy-11 NFL Network

    Let me start by saying that I have never messed with FTA satellite before. I was looking at LyngSat to find out what was available out there, and if it is worth it, and I noticed that NFL Network is available on Galaxy-11. It is listed with encrypted coloring, but the encryption method block...
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    Dish Plus Pro with 6000

    I recently got Dish Network service installed at my house (Used to have Voom back in the good ol' days). I thought I was doing the right thing when i decided to get the 942. I have been so unimpressed with the DVR features of this box, I am looking to downgrade to a 6000 and use 169time to...
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    VOOM STB Buyback anyone?

    My wife was talking to a local dish/directv installer today, and he said that he got an email from dish today stating that dish would be buying back the old obsolete voom stb's (I think he said $200/box). Have any of you installers on here heard this rumor? This would be awesome if it was...
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    Old VOOMer, maybe new DISHer.

    Hey all, I am a Voomer of about a year, and am now looking at shifting to DISH, so I can still get my fix. I have looked at the programming packages offered, but was a little confused about the actual deal for Voom customers. Anyone know what the deal actually includes? I am interested in the...
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    The New Channel Poll...Which Channels should VOOM now add?

    This is to hopefully make it easier to see what channels people really want. Hopfully this will help VOOM prioritize the addition of new channels. Hopefully this will work better than ending up with a 15 page long thread. Sean, STICKY this if possible... Thanks, CraziFuzzy