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    The ANSWER to last night's HD Poll

    2009 deadline That puts Dish in a good position to "convince" customers to switch to the new "Digital" mpeg4 satellite receivers. Un-informed subscribers worried about the government mandated digital broadcast switchover would probably pay to have Dish upgrade them to the new standard, even...
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    Need a Phone Number for XM dealer services

    I'm looking for a phone number for XM dealer services. Ive got some questions that regular CSR's just can't wrap their heads around.
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    Univeral HD - no center channel??

    Same here no center channel or surrounds on BTTF but I do get it in Prologic analog.
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    DLP, LCD, or Plasma??

    I second that I second that. I love the JVC HDILA sets. They look great in any light.
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    ReelzChannel™ and Launch Today on TV and the Web

    Wow chill out buddy. the channel is running now.
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    Ground Loop Problem

    Any resoultion to your problem?
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    Installer Needed (Hughesnet)

    Our company is looking for a certified Hughesnet installer in or around Edinbergh, IN. If you are interested please PM Me.
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    Best way to get apartment reception?

    this might be of some assistance its a wireless signal repeater the only problem you may have is it may need to go in a Neighbors apartment. ;)
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    XM vs. Sirius Round 3 Talk

    I don't badmouth either; I provide a review of both services with pluses and Minuses on both. And I don’t care if Howard takes a day off I just feel that he is only offering Customers 80% of the "Howard Stern" Show. Back on topic I voted Xm because of the well rounded line up they offer for...
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    XM vs. Sirius Round 3 Talk

    Go ahead tell my Mom Being in the Satellite Sales industry I stock and Sell both Sirius and XM I have Dealer Accounts from both as well. I try keep up to date on all aspects of sat radio, new shows, Shows leaving, Schedules, and other Programming ect. I Was a Howard Stern fan from about '95...
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    XM vs. Sirius Round 3 Talk

    ^First post. Yet another Howard troll. HooHoo Robin I invented Satellite Radio tell em Fred. I hope you enjoy reruns as Howard is going to broadcast 4 days a week soon and has lots of scheduled vacation time coming up.
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    XM vs Sirius Round TWo--Rock

    As rock goes my vote goes to XM Nothing on Sirius in the rock category compares to Lucy and Ethel and having Fungus as a pure Punk channel rather than a mix channel like Faction. Also the addition of Big Tracks is a huge plus in XM's column.
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    When Is The Next Wave Of Hd Coming On E*

    Do we know the theoretical maximum number of channels dish can put on one spot beam transponder? Take for example the Phoenix market currently we have 4 locals ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX all on TP-18 SB-35 this market has 4 more HD "locals" KTVK ch3 Indp., plays Diamondback Home Games in HD (DirecTV...
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    New Dish receiver - DP422

    As posted 1/13/06 quick facts for the 622 and 222
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    NFL Update

    So your just gonna leave us hanging?
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    Useful XM links has great news and info for both XM and Sirius
  17. onsiteSat

    Useful Sirius Links has great news and info for both Sirius and XM
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    New portable Sirius?

    You lose, good day sir! Sirius does it again
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    new HD channel when.

    I would guess at or after team summit
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    Is 622 upgrade hotline number still active?

    Its working as of 8:15 pm MST