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  1. msusig

    CONTEST: Guess when VIACOM Returns to DIRECTV

    8/13/2012 - 12PM EST
  2. msusig

    If Dish drops AMC, will you drop dish??

    D* will be here tomorrow to install. I'm actually pretty excited since I'm a big sports fan. My wife and I pretty much watch all the major shows on AMC so this move wasn't a hard decision.
  3. msusig

    DISH Drops AMC Networks (AMC Back on DISH channel 131)

    Last night I made the tough decision to make the switch to DirectTV. The promotional deal is almost too good not to pass up. Not only am I cutting my bill in half for the next 12 months, I'll also be getting the NFL Sunday ticket free next year which is pretty awesome. I was a loyal customer...
  4. msusig

    DISH Drops AMC Networks (AMC Back on DISH channel 131)

    So I chatted with a CSR today about the AMC debacle and they ended up giving me $15 off for 6 months and a month of free HBO. Although I'll be upset if they do remove AMC since the last season of Breaking Bad is scheduled to start in July. Really hope they get this figured out.
  5. msusig

    Davenport Iowa HD Locals?

    Really hoping that Paducah goes up today. I was really looking forward to watching an all new Office tonight in HD.
  6. msusig

    Credit on bill from Ice storm

    Well I was out of power for almost 7 days. My parents were out for 12 days, and I have a co-worker that just got his power back on the night before last.(14days) I won't be asking for a credit. My service was working before and during the strom hit. My power was out, but I'm sure that the...
  7. msusig

    TV Goes black, Sound stays on??

    Currently I've been having issues with my TV picture going completely black. I was just wondering if anyone possibly knows any issues with the VIP622 doing this to TVs? It is connected via component to a 1 1/2 year old JVC LT-40X667 HDTV. I'm really hoping it's not my TV since it has been...
  8. msusig

    Lexington, KY HD LIL info

    Well I hope you guys get it! Hopefully someday Dish will hook Paducah, KY up with some HD Locals. Direct added them like a month before I went to Dish. Oh well hopefully I'll get something by the time the next season of The Office starts!
  9. msusig

    New installation: No HD despite having package...

    same here. I made sure the two guys that installed it stayed until i was satisfied. Glad to hear you get it all worked out though. Welcome to High Def!!
  10. msusig

    How Long Have You Had HD With Dish?

    I started my subscription to E* in May of '07 with HD on my 622.
  11. msusig

    Dish Network Earnings Call

    "So you tellin' me there's a chance!"...(dumb & dumber) :D
  12. msusig

    What was ur favorite 5 Voom channels?

    I usually just watched: Monster (I've got everything i need DVR'd) Treasure (Only show was Treasure Divers..really cool stuff..even though i never saw them find Gameplay although it was mostly Hitman 2 blood money so i didn't watch it much. Rush/Rave good for watching while...
  13. msusig

    What are your next top three?

    I'd just like to have my locals in HD. But if I had to pick 3: 1. FX HD 2. FoxNews HD 3. Smithsonian HD
  14. msusig

    5-07-08 HD Rumors.

    Honestly if i could just get my Locals in HD I'd be the happiest sub in the world. DirectTV already has locals here. Kind of upsetting :(..anyway Scott do you know when locals will start to come in the Western Kentucky area. (Paducah, KY) Thanks, Chandler