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    Lost the horizontal scroll bar on the client if 30 sec. Advance

    Mine has also disappeared and I enabled 30skip
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    Genie mini freezing

    i have a genie DVr installed and three mini clients. I noticed one of my minis will freeze sometimes for like 5 seconds. My service was just installed a couple weeks ago. Any ideas what I can check?
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    I noticed the quality this morning looked like SD. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    On my fire tv stick it says test on the corner of the DIRECTV now app. What does that mean? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Has anyone received their free fire stick yet? I can only watch through my iPhone and iPad right now Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    MavTV moves to 214 starting 8/21, Fox Sports 1 to 219

    Just says I need to order it. Maybe it's not included in the choice package?
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    MavTV moves to 214 starting 8/21, Fox Sports 1 to 219

    How come I can get fox sports 1 but not fox sports2 ch 618? Says I need to order it
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    NFL Sunday Ticket 2013

    Best offer I got was half off max. 4 payments of 36$. Could I try and call back or is it too late?
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    CE's for the Weekend of 10.26

    I installed the CE Saturday night and my pandora and Genie has disappeared. I have tried a button reset twice and they are still not showing up
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    HR34 No network dvr's found

    The HR34 is getting an ip address from the router and I'm able to download on demand so i know it is connected. I have tried resetting the box and also unplugged all receivers and plugged each one back up one at a time. I did swap the 2 receivers i moved the HR24 from the basement to my living...
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    HR34 No network dvr's found

    I have an HR 24 receiver connected in my living room and a H21 upstairs in my bedroom and the HR 34 is in my basement. The issue I'm having is my HR34 is unable to see my HR24 but my HR24 can see all the recordings on my HR34. In the whole home setup on my HR34 it say no network dvr's found. I...
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    DirecTV's HD DVR or HMC HD DVR?

    Speak to retentions and threat to cancel. That may work
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    DirecTV's HD DVR or HMC HD DVR?

    You still under contract? If not you should be able to get the HMC for $99
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    CE's for the Weekend of 7.27

    I re-athorized it onlineanit came back on
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    CE's for the Weekend of 7.27

    Yea and a red button reset. I was able to finally force the national release to download. Still getting the 764 errorr
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    CE's for the Weekend of 7.27

    Downloaded the new CE to my HR-22 receiver last night. Woke up this morning and now I'm getting 764 error wrong access card inserted. I tried to download the national release and still getting the same error
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    My contract is up anyone have any luck in renewing and getting an H34 for free?
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    Protection plan

    I have a receiver that has gone bad and i do not have the protection plan. Does anyone know how much it would be to get the receiver replaced? I'm also not under contract will replacing the receiver lock me in to another 2 years?
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    Maximum distance

    I installed a swm dish on a pole because of tree issues approximately 190 ft from my house. The dvr I have installed in my living room signal is in the high 90's and is working fine. The receiver I have upstairs has signals in the high 80's but I only get sound and the picture is frozen. Before...