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  1. Frank7004

    EHD question

    With the anticipation of the 922 being free on Oct 1 (for most customers) .....the boss said I could do the upgrade but is a bit bummed that we will lose some programs on the DVR. Question is: EHD's are compatible with all receivers on your account, correct? So when my 722 gets deactivated and...
  2. Frank7004

    Logitec Revue free for new customers?

    A friend of mine was telling me that he got his revue free, as a new customer. Anyone else get theirs for free?
  3. Frank7004

    My questions about UVERSE

    After being a Dish tech and not paying for my television, I now have to pay. (I am no longer a tech) I am considering giving uverse a try. If I understand the website, there is no commitment. (chatted with an agent). Can you install or add an external hard drive to the receiver? Do they have...
  4. Frank7004

    Fox/American Idol

    Man does this suck or what. Anyone else having problems with it bouncing between formats and sound quality or is it just me? Annoying.
  5. Frank7004

    Sling 300 release

    Any word when the sling 300 will be released?
  6. Frank7004

    Logitec revue as tv2

    Just curious, couldn't you put the revue on tv2 and use the dish app as tv2 with hd quality? Of course you would lose dvr integration...
  7. Frank7004

    1k4 plus 119???

    Why are eastern arc work orders also calling for a 119 install?
  8. Frank7004

    Pi 2.22.11

    Installers, what is this all about? It's said that "it's a big deal". We will all be excited and will love it. Pm me if you wanna keep it a secret.
  9. Frank7004

    222 non-k rcvrs evidently are also not dead

    Was told by our warehouse person today that we have 2 pallets of non K 222 rcvrs on the way....and about 180 more 622 rcvrs on the way. I haven't seen these in over a year. How in the world does our warehouse have non-k 722's, 622's, and 222 non-k rcvrs on the shelf and ready for new connects?
  10. Frank7004

    622's are not dead...

    I noticed today that our weekly shipment of goods included 2 pallets of 622 rcvrs. I've read some posts of people claiming that the 622 is dead....I'm here to report that is untrue. 622 rcvrs are alive and still being installed today, as I'm sure by Saturday I will be putting one in...
  11. Frank7004

    Not letting me record on OTA

    722 and OTA. I cant create a timer on the OTA. Whats going on? TV1 and TV2 both have a recording going on. I thought I could go to a OTA channel and also record another thing...???
  12. Frank7004

    Dish Network goes global?

    If you can't tell by my avatar, I am a former Marine. I have many friends, stationed all over the world. They would like Dish/American programming. Sure, they have cable offered on base, and minimal programming offered off base but nothing like Dish. I would like to know the legality of setting...
  13. Frank7004

    Is the 922 free yet?

    I want one but won't pay $200. New year with new promotions.... Is it ready for a free diu?
  14. Frank7004

    Whats with solicitors calling cells all of the sudden...

    All of the sudden, I have been getting solicitors calling my phone. It usually starts with "this is ___ and we have an offer for you, to continue press 1, to opt out press 2". I press two. Usually they will call from another number the next, usually around the same time. tonight its...
  15. Frank7004

    wiring a home for the future

    My buddy is remodeling his house and asked me to wire it up "for the future". Just wanna make sure I am not forgetting anything. I'm actually pretty excited about doing this. He currently has DTV but MAY switch to Dish shortly. My plan is to find a location for both Dish and Direct TV install...
  16. Frank7004

    The next receiver

    Just curious what the new/next receiver will be? A dual tuner 922 w/ sling? A receiver with google tv inserted? Personally I have a 722k. Really, I could get away w/ a single tuner receiver and mirror my tvs but I don't wanna upgrade if something new will be out in 6 months... Edit: just...
  17. Frank7004

    phone/eathernet line connection

    Can someone please explain to me why dish wants receivers connected to a phone line, and why they go through such lengths to get them connected?