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    Genie mini freezing

    i have a genie DVr installed and three mini clients. I noticed one of my minis will freeze sometimes for like 5 seconds. My service was just installed a couple weeks ago. Any ideas what I can check?
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    HR34 No network dvr's found

    I have an HR 24 receiver connected in my living room and a H21 upstairs in my bedroom and the HR 34 is in my basement. The issue I'm having is my HR34 is unable to see my HR24 but my HR24 can see all the recordings on my HR34. In the whole home setup on my HR34 it say no network dvr's found. I...
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    My contract is up anyone have any luck in renewing and getting an H34 for free?
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    Protection plan

    I have a receiver that has gone bad and i do not have the protection plan. Does anyone know how much it would be to get the receiver replaced? I'm also not under contract will replacing the receiver lock me in to another 2 years?
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    Maximum distance

    I installed a swm dish on a pole because of tree issues approximately 190 ft from my house. The dvr I have installed in my living room signal is in the high 90's and is working fine. The receiver I have upstairs has signals in the high 80's but I only get sound and the picture is frozen. Before...
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    H21 picture freezes but not audio

    My receiver has sound but the picture is frozen. All my signal levels are in the 90's. Also when I go into the menu the background is bright white I have tried a reset and the issue still exists. I have a SWM system with a HR24. If it was a cabling issue wouldnt my signal levels be low?
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    H21 losing signal

    I have an H21 receiver that every time I power on the box their is no signal. The only way to get the signal back is to reboot the receiver. Anyone ever have this problem?
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    I currently live in Atlanta, and I was wondering if I would be able to "move" to somewhere in NY and get the HD locals and the RSN's, not sure how all this spotbeam stuff works. Thanks for the help
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    Protection plan

    Is paying for the protection each month worth it or not? thanks
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    From dish to directv

    I currently have dish network with a 1000.2 dish and im going to give directv a try. My question is with HD programing what dish will I recieve and if the new dish will most likely work in the same spot my current dish is, its on a pole and I hope to be able to have the new one installed at the...
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    I currently live in Atlanta and I want to "move" to NY like buffalo or Syracuse. How far north would I be able to "move"
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    Need to "move" to get local HD

    Im trying to help my father n law out he lives in Albany GA and he cant get local channels in HD. I need to know if someone can help me to where he should "move" to. I looked at the spotbeam map but I was not able to tell. Thanks
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    New Install

    I have Dish network and im thinking about moving over to direct tv, my question is will the line of sight be the same as I have now? I'm renting and im not allowed to put a dish on the house so its on a pole and I just want to know if I should be able to get a signal.
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    Premium Channels

    I was able to order HBO and Cinamax online and now I wish to cancel them but I do not see anywhere online to do it. Any idea why?
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    Downgrade online

    Can you downgrade your programing on line? I know you can upgrade on line
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    Receiver quit working after 1 week.

    I have a 522 dvr receiver and the hard drive has already failed i had the system for about a week is this common with this receiver?
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    Local retailer

    Anyone know any good local retailers in the Atlanta area?
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    Install question

    I had a direct tv tech out to my house yesterday to install the dish and it has to be on a pole because im renting the place, he placed the pole on the corner of my house and my neighbor has direct tv and our houses are only like 8 ft apart and their dish was on the side of their house maybe...
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    New install

    I'm getting direct tv installed in march its a new rental house I'm moving into and I'm not allowed to put a satellite on the roof or anywhere on the house. How much will an installer charge me to do a pole install?