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  1. jcvaughan

    52 remote program help?

    Hey folks. I have a 52 remote with a Joey upstairs and have an older samsung Blu Ray player that doesn't have the orig. remote. I used the wizard to program it and it can power on the player, and do the left, right and select buttons, but to navigate up or down I have to use the chan. up and...
  2. jcvaughan

    Dish anywhere app offline mode on Verizon.

    Ever since I switched to an unlimited data plan I find the app goes into offline mode when using LTE data. When on WiFi, no issues. Is Verizon blocking it?
  3. jcvaughan

    Dish App Remote issues

    This may be an IOS 11 issue but I've noticed recently that whenever I try to switch receivers in the Dish App on iPhone it crashes every time. Anyone else having issues?
  4. jcvaughan

    Joey recommend

    I'm looking to put a joey into a third room. Don't need the 4k but am considering the wireless. It would be about 50-75 feet away from the WAP and have a floor and walls in between. Is it not worth getting the wireless with that distance? Does the regular joey just wire up to the "client"...
  5. jcvaughan

    H3 all tuners busy?

    I tried to watch live tv via the dish app and it said all tuners were busy. All 16? No way. Tried on and got the same notice. Anyone else having issues?
  6. jcvaughan

    NFL red zone?

    I don't see red zone anywhere now. Am I late to the party?
  7. jcvaughan

    Network late shows recordings on H3

    Here's an odd one. We regularly record the major network late talk shows and recently they've been consistently buggy. Digital glitches, playback issues etc. all other recordings no problems. Just the major network shows after 11pm. Thoughts?
  8. jcvaughan

    Roof leak day after install.

    So I upgraded to the H3 on Sunday. All went well and am loving the new equipment. But this morning we woke up to water dripping in from roof right in the area of our Dish. Here's the thing. Our dish is mounted to the side of our house on the facia so I know that isn't causing it. Could the...
  9. jcvaughan

    PTAT ON 2 tuners?

    So this happened. PTAT using another tuner for the same show and I can't stop it.
  10. jcvaughan

    HWS won't stream to Dishanywhere

    I can see my guide, see my recordings, see PTAT but I can't get my HWS to play recordings or live TV on my computer, or IOS devices. The connection times out everytime. Could the new software have affected this? Anyone else having issues. I am trying this over wifi at a hotel and over 3g on my...
  11. jcvaughan

    Dish Anywwhere down?

    I can't login to dish anywhere online or with an app. Anyone else?
  12. jcvaughan

    Recording on EHD will play on hopper but not on Joey

    Weird little happening. I have a recording on my EHD. It will play fine on my Hopper. But when I try to play it through my Joey, I get a "you don't subscribe to this channel" message. What's going on?
  13. jcvaughan

    Masters in 3D?

    Is dish gonna provide ESPN 3D during the masters this weekend?
  14. jcvaughan

    Recording shows up via dish app but not on DVR

    This is totally weird. Saving the series Elementary through PTAT. I have two episodes in my recordings when I look at my dish online app and dish But on my DVR it only shows one recording. I can't playback one recording online either. Thoughts?
  15. jcvaughan

    Dish app on ios6.

    Thinking the new ios6 on my iPad is causing this but I can't connect to my receiver when using it. It goes gray every time. Dish online works though.
  16. jcvaughan

    Euro 2012 soccer games

    I'm reading that ESPN is going to carry the Euro 2012 soccer matches but have only seen ESPN deportes mentioned. I currently have the 250 package. What's the most economical option to add that one channel? I get confused reading all the plan. Has anyone heard if any of the ESPN channels in the...
  17. jcvaughan

    Hopper power down

    Having some electrical work done and my power will be down for over 4 hours. Will I have to do anything special to my hopper/Joey once it's restored? Or should it be fine after that long a rest?
  18. jcvaughan

    Hopper with Dishonline, Sling guide and DRA apps

    Does anyone have a complete connection with their Hopper via Dishonline, the old SlingGuide (still the best UI for online), and any of the DRA apps? I can connect and watch fine but when looking at my recordings or timers, they are incomplete. Dishonline shows I have 10 recordings and no timers...
  19. jcvaughan

    Harmony One for the Hopper

    I've got my Harmony One working pretty well using the 922 settings in the logitech software. However, I can't seem to get a DVR button added. The list of Buttons for the 922 doesn't have it (is it another name?) and I can't for the life of me get the Harmony One to learn it from the Hopper...
  20. jcvaughan

    For those Dish Equipment Nay Sayers

    So my wife called out to me "I think I might have thrown our remote in the washing machine". and she was right. It went through an entire cycle. And still worked the minute it came out. And it was the TV 2 RF remote. Good job Dish. Maybe now I'll get a tv for the bathroom knowing I can use...