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  1. coltonjared

    New Orby install

    I decided to jump on the bandwagon and picked up a orby dvr today. Planning to get a 30 or 36in dish soon but being the inpatient person that I am I went out and found two Primestar dishes. First one was laying one the ground still on the pole ready to load up but unfortunately the bottom of the...
  2. coltonjared

    First dish you ever seen

    Figured I share the first satellite dish I ever seen that’s still standing today. Came back to my home town today and had to run to the store and the house next door still has a 10ft fiberglass dish in the back yard and was also the first one I ever seen at the age of 3 in 1993 and not having...
  3. coltonjared

    Move 722 to another room

    I’m trying to move my mother reciever to her living room for her but I’m having issues getting it working. I made a picture on how this thing is hooked up. It appears it would be simple to move the reciever the way the installer wired it up but I’m not getting signal nor is tv 2 working. What...
  4. coltonjared

    How do I get started

    I've been wanting to get a cband dish for a long time and I think I might be able to finally get one. The dish I'm looking at appears to be a 8ft and I'm thinking about getting a Linkbox 9000i with a Titanium pill LNBF. How's the best way to get everything going like finding the information for...