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  1. DawgDeputy

    Update U725

    I have a Hopper w/Sling and just installed the latest update, U725. Anyone know what was In this update? DISH Support
  2. DawgDeputy

    Braves games being blacked out again

    I thought Dish and Fox settled their dispute but apparently all 3 games on Fox Sports South are being blacked out this weekend here in Atlanta. Anyone know what is going on?
  3. DawgDeputy

    Clark Howard fires DishNetwork.....

    Just saw this on consumer advocate Clark Howard's web site. Apparently he got called by the auditors. Here is a link to his story of the encounter. It may not have been the best idea to get on his bad side. He has a lot of listeners. Clark explains why he fired Dish Network on
  4. DawgDeputy

    Speed HD question

    Is Speed HD up? I am not receiving it. It is in red on the guide and DishNetwork is telling me it has been pushed back to 5/13.