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  1. theBruce

    3rd QUARTER REPORT 2019

    Today we learned that Sling TV gained about 214,000 subscribers in the 3rd quarter of 2019 and now has over 2.69 million subscribers. This is up from the 2.47 million subscribers Sling TV had in the 2nd quarter of 2019. This means Sling TV is still the largest live TV streaming service in the...
  2. theBruce

    AT&T Wants to Move DIRECTV Customers to Streaming Services Like AT&T TV & HBO Max

    Today during a Reuters interview with AT&T’s Chief Operating Officer John Stankey, we got a new look at AT&T’s long term TV plans. According to AT&T’s COO, the plan is to move DIRECTV customers to a streaming service. “We didn’t buy DIRECTV because we love satellite,” said Stankey. “We bought...
  3. theBruce

    Another reason to drop your Cable/Sat. Service, the Power Bill

    Awhile back the LA Times did a report about the power a cable TV DVR uses when idle. According to the report, for every hour that the DVR is not in use it consumes 35W of power. So, for every month that you do not even use it you pay $8 a month for the electricity it consumes. Now if you have...
  4. theBruce

    For those who have Comcast Broadband and a Cord Cutter

    Switch to the xFi Advantage Modem, $15 a month, no Data Caps. Just did since my Contract was over, 1g speed ($90 a month) plus the modem ($15) and they give a auto pay discount (-$10) so a total of $95 a month ( I might get a better price since we have Charter in our town ). So with Vue ($50 a...
  5. theBruce

    AT&T Plans to Charge $50 to $60 a Month For DIRECTV NOW

    Today AT&T’s chief Randall Stephenson opened up more about the future of DIRECTV NOW and the new DIRECTV streaming version launching in 2019. Part of that talk revolved around plans to charge $50 to $60 a month for DIRECTV NOW after thinning it out. During a talk at UBS Global Media and...
  6. theBruce

    Sunday Ticket BYE, BYE?

    Today it was reported by The Sports Business Journal that the NFL is researching dropping DIRECTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket in favor of a streaming option. Initially, the NFL had until this fall to decide to stick with DIRECTV’s Sunday Ticket through the 2022 season now through AT&T, and the NFL have...
  7. theBruce

    DirecTV's 1st Quarter 2018

    The company, which owns satellite television service DirecTV, lost 187,000 traditional U.S. video customers, fewer than the 257,000 customers analysts had expected them to lose, according to research firm FactSet. As more viewers seek to cut pay-TV packages, AT&T added 312,000 customers to its...
  8. theBruce

    AT&T & DIRECTV NOW Are Merging Logins

    Ever since the new DIRECTV NOW App and DVR was announced it was reported that AT&T planned to merge DIRECTV NOW with DIRECTV/AT&T users. We saw this early on when the very earliest beta testers to DIRECTV NOW’s DVR beta needed to have an AT&T account to sign up for the beta. Now it looks like...
  9. theBruce

    Price increase time

    The DIRECTV rate increases coming in January 2018 will include the following plans: * SELECT — $2 a month increase * ENTERTAINMENT — $3 a month increase * CHOICE — $4 a month increase * TOTAL CHOICE LIMITED — $4.50 a month increase * TOTAL CHOICE MOBILE/CHOICE XTRA CLASSIC — $5 a month increase...
  10. theBruce

    DIRECTV Is Starting to Downplay Satellite in Favor of DIRECTV NOW

    When DIRECTV NOW was first announced it was rumored that AT&T planned to move most, if not all, new subscribers over to the streaming service rather than the satellite service. At first that rumor was downplayed, but now AT&T has started to do just that. Recently DIRECTV updated its satellite...
  11. theBruce

    I now hate Comcast

    I have posted two threads here how happy I was with them, based on both price and service, and I had high hope for them when they announced the Roku deal back in April of last year that they would be putting a app up that would allow you to access the channels you subscribe to without a STB and...
  12. theBruce

    DIRECTV Will Raise Prices Next Month

    Washington, D.C. (December 1, 2016) - DIRECTV will raise the price of nearly all base programming packages by $2 a month to $6 a month on January 22, 2017. The Select plan next month will rise by $2 a month to $53.99 a month; the Entertainment package will rise by $3 a month to $64.99 a month...
  13. theBruce

    The CW

    I have read here that a few Dish Subscribers do not have The CW or if they do have it, it is in SD only, now you have a option-The CW app is up on the Roku, no log in needed and in HD. Sent from my iPad using the SatelliteGuys app!
  14. theBruce

    Just received this from Comcast

    Received this e-mail a week ago- You're in! Gigabit Internet updates are coming your way. They called yesterday and set up the appointment with my son, he told me about it this morning, 4 weeks away. And I did get the promo price of $70 ( + 10 for modem, will be buying my own when they start...
  15. theBruce

    Discovery Channels Apps on the Roku

    All of Discovery's line up-Animal Planet, Science Channel, ID, TLC and Discovery are on the Roku, all live TV and on demand as long as your provider supports them of course. The one thing I have noticed is that while Comcast and Direct supports most of these apps on the Roku, Dish only about a...
  16. theBruce

    AMC App added to the Roku

    For those whose Providers ( no Dish Network, Time Warner/Charter ) support it.
  17. theBruce

    X-Box S

    I pre-ordered the 500GB unit ( $299 version ) from Amazon, just received the Date of Aug.23 of when I will received, luckily the 2TB version comes out 2 weeks before so there will be reviews of how well the 4K playback is, if awful I have time to cancel.
  18. theBruce

    Password Sharing may be over

    Did my monthly re-authorize my TV Everywhere apps on the Roku this morning and on the first one i did (Starz), right after I put the four letter code in at the website it went to a different link at Comcast ( and it was at Comcast, I checked ) then the normal log in,a adobe pop up, it wanted my...
  19. theBruce

    Hulu loses the CW, Netflix gets it back with better options The CW To Extend Netflix Streaming Deal After Hulu Ends In-Season Pact With the future of the CW on broadcast secured via new deal with Tribune, the attention shifted to the expiring SVOD pacts...
  20. theBruce

    Dish accounts for half of all retrans disputes, NAB says

    Continuing to single out one pay-TV operator in its ongoing quest to convince the FCC to keep retrans regulations the way they are, the NAB has called Dish Network (NASDAQ: DISH) "the communications industry's ultimate regulatory profiteer and catalyst for half of all retransmission consent...