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  1. primestar31

    Do you want to be a beta tester for TNAP-3 for OSMO4k only?

    Do you want to be a beta tester for TNAP-3 for OSMO4k only, and help advancement for USA users? Image is based on OpenPli. You'll need a LegitFTA account for this. If so, go here to download the images: TNAP-3 Test Images for OSMIO4K Feedback, issues with, good or bad, should be posted here...
  2. primestar31

    Charcoal smoking 12lb turkey for Thanksgiving?

    We've picked up a frozen 12lb turkey for Thanksgiving, and have a charcoal water smoker that's never been used as of yet. It's this one that was given to my wife as an employee gift: Reviews on Amazon don't look very good for this...
  3. primestar31

    CHAPARRAL Bullseye 2 feed, with all 4 C/Ku FREE lnb's.

    Here's your chance to own one of these for a price that's not insane. This is NOT mine, or my auction, I just found it. I got my Pansat DP-4 dual band feed (but haven't installed just yet), so I don't need this one. Bulleyes 2 feedhorn Duel C - Duel Ku Band feed horn CHAPARRAL USED Satellite |...
  4. primestar31

    Repack dates for Flint-Saginaw-Bay City Michigan DMA

    Here's the latest info for the channels moving in my DMA: WAQP 49 = 5/27/2019 (moving from RF48 to RF36) Both WEYI (25 RF30) moving to RF18 & WBSF (46 RF46) moving to RF23 = 6/18/2019 Note that WNEM (5 RF22) moving to RF30 still only has the possible move date range of 4/13 - 6/21/2019...
  5. primestar31

    Red-necked automatic Psip ATSC EPG grabber

    Until we get something built that's better, you can use the WebIF TIMERS screen for setting automatic daily timers for OTA channels. I'd much prefer an automated web grabber to grab EPG from Tvguide/Zap2it/TitanTv, and I have a manual one, BUT, I can't figure out as of yet how to get the Mio to...
  6. primestar31

    How to copy folders or files between different multiboot images? Edision OS MIO 4k

    If I'm booted into an image on slot2, I can see the folder structure on that image I'm booted on through the network. IF I wanted to copy a folder or file FROM that image, to the image in slot1, how can I do that? This is on an Edision OS MIO 4k receiver. I have slightly different rev versions...
  7. primestar31

    Odd image issues since new Firefox 66.xx.x 64bit update

    Ever since FF decided to upgrade a few weeks ago, I'm having issues with images only on SatelliteGuys website (so far as I know). I've cleared my FF cache completely, logged in, logged out, and nothing clears it. I just tried it in the latest Chrome browser, and it works perfectly there...
  8. primestar31

    How to add or edit a satellite in E2 based receivers

    This is from El Bandido, and I made a few small edits for clarity: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ NOTE: It is a good idea to store the satellite.xml file in the etc/enigma2 folder. It will not...
  9. primestar31

    Enigma2 plugins coding

    It appears that Enigma2 plugins are always written in Python. So, if you (we) want to create/code your own, or make changes to one and know what you are actually doing, you'd need to learn that coding. Here's a start, for anybody interested (and I hope there is some interest here): Python...
  10. primestar31

    OpenPli version 20190318 Multiboot review

    I loaded this today in slot 4, and set it all up manually, IE: I didn't restore settings/channels/ et al from my other images. I just messed with it about 3 hours or so for now. It does NOT have Blindscan loaded default, you have to add it first. I also had to download the plugin for "System...
  11. primestar31

    Edision Mio bluetooth keyboard setup?

    NA SatDreamGr image. Specs show "Bluetooth" capability onboard, which I believe means it shouldn't need a usb BT dongle? I was wondering if anybody here as of yet has loaded the plugins needed to turn this on, and successfully linked it to their Mio? If so, how did you do it? I want to link a...
  12. primestar31

    OTHER Receiver issue with Movies! & Start channel on 101w?

    I've got something odd going on with my system, and I'm not sure as of yet what's causing it, or how to "cure" it. I have a SAMI 7.5ft dish, a Titanium C1-PLL (the newer one with the filters) a Edision OS Mio 4k receiver, and I'm using the NA SatDreamGr first final image. Anyway, those channels...
  13. primestar31

    SatDreamGr Youtube "how to do it" video channel

    Satdreamgr satgr Feel free to subscribe to this channel, as they posted videos on how to do various things in the SatDreamGr generic image. Not sure how useful it will be to us here in the USA, but it can't hurt.
  14. primestar31

    First NA SatDreamgr final now posted

    El Bandido posted it about 1 hour ago at Legitfta. LegitFTA
  15. primestar31

    SOAK: Enigma2 set-top box channel editor software thread

    Download and install this, then set it to your Mio's or other E2 receivers IP address. It's a channel editor. You can download, edit, and re-upload your channel lists really quick. Probably a lot more. I'm not 100% positive on everything with it as of yet (so can't answer many questions) as I...
  16. primestar31

    Best Media Player Plug-In??

    Is there any consensus on what the best media player plugin to use? I NEED something capable of file tagging at whatever "last place" I might be if I have to exit watching a file early. Then it would have to be able to "Jump To" that place later. I also need a 30 second jump forward or back...
  17. primestar31

    "The Man who killed Hitler, and then The Bigfoot!"

    Sam Elliot is the star! Need I say more? It's not a joke, and it's played straight. After watching the trailer, I bet you want to watch it as much as I do! 85% on the Tomatometer.
  18. primestar31

    Folk Tv , now also streaming! Schedule: Schedule – FOLK TV Previous thread when I found this on C-band FTA, that we've been using to discuss this: Error | SatelliteGuys.US The owner of this used to work for Luken (RetroTv). It's also on Dish Network channel 218. Facebook page: FOLK
  19. primestar31

    Charter files for C-band testing in Florida

    Charter files for C-Band tests in Florida | FierceWireless I hope this testing fails miserably! Charter would likely roll this out everywhere they are, and that's not a good thing for us...
  20. primestar31

    Having intermittent issues reaching the site.

    This started last week Friday, around 7pm~ or so. I suddenly couldn't get to the site, and just got the default Google "it's taking too long to respond" page. I did a /flushdns, changed to a public dns on my router, changed to another browser, cleared cookies, rebooted, nothing worked. I finally...