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    PTAT issue

    I'm wondering if anyone else is seeing an error with PTAT for Monday's only? Specifically, I'm seeing PTAT recording from 8:00 to 12:00 instead of the standard 8:00 to 11:00. This is been going on for awhile now and I can't find any reason for it. I'm in the San Francisco market.
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    Discrete power off code acting as power toggle

    I'm wondering if anyone else has noticed this problem which began with S234? The discrete power off code now acts as a power toggle meaning it turns the Hopper off, if it's on, but turns it on, if it's off. The discrete power off code should turn the Hopper off, if it's on, but do nothing if...
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    Can't set timer for San Francisco ABC affiliate

    I'm wondering if anyone else is having a problem setting a timer, from the guide, for prime time programs while having Prime Time Anytime active? I can do it for the CBS, FOX and NBC affilates but not for KGO, the ABC affiliate. This problem only occurs during prime time hours where the "PT"...
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    Mark forums as read?

    Are certain options currently missing (been missing since yesterday) from each of the SatelliteGuys pages? The green bar near the top of each page, which includes a search box, is currently blank for me. Various options have alwsys shown there such as forum actions and quick links. Every day...
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    Letterman recording problem

    This is a very strange one! I have Letterman set to record all episodes with three minutes tacked on to the one hour time shown in the guide. For the last few months I've had numerous problems with the recording but only on Wednesday nights. What happens is the recording stops prematurely with...
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    CSN Bay Area Hd showing FSN Florida HD

    Did anyone notice the last two nights that CSN Bay Area HD was showing the Atlanta Braves vs. the Florida Marlins from FSN Florida HD for the first fifteen or twenty minutes of what was supposed to be the San Francisco Giants vs. the New York Mets? As soon as the Braves/Marlins games ended the...
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    1000.2 Dish is vaporware?

    Does this dish even exist? It was supposedly going to be out by now but it's nowhere to be found and worse yet nobody seems to have any idea when or even if it's going to be available. Anyone with some information on this item? I switched back to Dish in early June and hooked up a Dish 500...
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    622 nightly reboot?

    My 622 is running very well but I've noticed a recurring theme each night. I believe it must be rebooting each night because when I go into sytem information (menu-6-1-3) I always see one or two signal interruptions for each tuner. It shows two on each tuner if I go in before 9:06 P.M. and only...
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    VIP 622 screen cutoffs

    I just switched back to Dish Network yesterday after 21 months and activated a 622. I'm noticing that some of the graphics are cut off at the top and bottom of the screen. I believe I remember reading here that the last line in the extended program guide is partially cut off due to a bug in the...
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    New posts date back to 11/26 since upgrade

    Every time I come to the site it now shows everything posted since 11/26 as a new post. I've tried deleting cookies for the site but this doesn't help. Any ideas? Bob
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    P268 is here!

    Got the update at 9:00 AM PDT. I don't yet see anything that's been changed. Bob
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    P267 has arrived

    I have no idea what's been changed yet but I just got it. Bob
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    Software update for the DVR921?

    New software for the DVR921 My 921 is currently blinking as occurs when a software update is taking place. Could it be that the oft delayed software update (supposedly L180) is being sent or perhaps just another so-called emergency fix? Bob