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  1. Sparkman

    My Directv Cancellation Story

    We bought a house late February and after 10 years with Directv I decided that I was going to go with streaming at the new house. We had 3 weeks with both house so I decided to test the streaming ended up going with Playstation Vue and Spectrum for Internet and their pick 10 package to get the...
  2. Sparkman

    Fox Sports Back on XM- ch 83

    Mix between Fox Sports Radio, FS1, and some shows from "big" Fox.
  3. Sparkman

    Did anyone else notice that Palladia rebranded as MTV Live?

    In the HD Extra Pack. I guess it happened 2/1 but this is the first time I've noticed.
  4. Sparkman

    Pac 12 Network hope

    Found this article on awful announcing: Link inside the article goes to this...
  5. Sparkman

    Question for people that have MLB Extra Innings

    For the last week or so I have noticed that both White Sox and Cubs games that are WGN feeds have not been showing commercials between innings. Just a live camera shot within the stadium and sometimes the upcoming graphics. Haven't seen this on any other games, including the games that are...
  6. Sparkman

    Sunday Ticket stays on Directv

    ESPN's Darren Rovell just tweeted: BREAKING: NFL strikes deal with DirecTV for Sunday Ticket. 8 year deal, source says it is worth avg of $1.5 BILLION annually. This is the last year of the NFL's 4-year deal with DirecTV worth $1B/year. New 8-year deal is 50% rise
  7. Sparkman

    H24 not accessing all recordings on Whole Home DVR

    Just noticed this tonight. Shows that were recorded earlier today are not showing on the H24, but they are showing on both HR 23's we have. Any thoughts on what might be causing this?
  8. Sparkman

    Lost my free Charter TV

    Have Charter internet and was able to get Charter's TV basic channels free, but they just came thru our neighborhood and put filters on the poles to block the TV signal. It was a good backup when weather knocks out signal. Oh, well.
  9. Sparkman

    Any Comcast Support people that frequent this forum?

    I'm having a horrible time dealing with Comcast in my area reqarding Internet and phone service at a rental condo that I own. If there is anyone with Comcast who reads this or anyone who knows of any contact info for senior c/s help, I would appreciate it.
  10. Sparkman

    DISH Drops AMC Networks (AMC Back on DISH channel 131)

    IF AMC Nets are important to you, you may want to read this: Dish Threatening To Drop AMC Networks Following Ruling In Voom Case - 2012-05-04 12:45:00 | Multichannel News
  11. Sparkman

    DECA/Whole Home DVR Question

    I apologize if this has been answered already, but does the modem have to be in the same room with one one the receivers when hooking up the Whole Home DVR?
  12. Sparkman

    HR23 will not connect to internet

    Got D*in August, hooked up my 2 HR-23's to my cable internet with the powerline connection. 1st time I hooked it up, it worked fine. Now I cannot get internet. I am getting error 22. I have matched up default gateway, DNS, IP, but I keep getting this error. I have hooked this up to my laptop and...
  13. Sparkman

    WGN America

    Has anybody noticed changes on WGN? THe guide has flipped from WGN America to just a generic WGN. But, it looks to me as if they may have switched to HD. Wish a game would have been on, would be much easier to tell. The WGN & time & temp bug does seem to be much smaller and clearer.
  14. Sparkman

    Article in today's Cleveland Plain Dealer about my Son

    My oldest son is spending the summer interning for the Browns and the Browns beat writer has been talking to him & put a little blurb about him in his Sunday column. Here's a link to it, its at the bottom of this page & continues on to the next: Scholarship program commits Browns WR-...
  15. Sparkman

    As of today, I'm now a former E* Customer

    Started with them 7/1/98, so 8 1/2 years. 2 years ago I took the bulk of my programming to Comcast because Comcast SportsNet Chicago was our new RSN and only Comcast had the HD version. Kept my Distant NBC & CBS & supers active with E* on only 1 receiver, an 811, which continued to be used as...
  16. Sparkman

    Ads in the Digital Guide

    Have many of you been experiencing this? It has been in the Chicago area for the last few nights between 6 PM & 9PM. The guide goes from 6 channels down to 4 & there is a rotating ad at the bottom of the screen. It is very annoying. Just curoius how many area are experiencing this.
  17. Sparkman

    FSN Chicago Ceases Broadcasting

    As of 11:59 PM 6/23, FSN Chicago has shut down.
  18. Sparkman

    Yes! You can put it on the Board!

    Now, your World Champion Chicago White Sox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. Sparkman

    6000 not seeing all sat locations,

    but my 811 is fine. When I run the check switch on my 6000, the only location showing up is 119, odd transponders. But, on my 811, everything is fine. Possible causes? What steps can I take to fix this? PS I only have HD Pack & voom, 4 grandfathered distant locals & supers right now.
  20. Sparkman

    Court Orders EchoStar to Carry Channel