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  1. gnr5

    DPP 500+ into a Wally HELP!

    Hello! I just got a Wally and I have an old DPP 500+ antenna. Since Dish setup my home installation I'm not updated with wiring installation. Here are my questions: 1. Can I run a DPP 500+ with a Wally? 2. If so, the DPP 500+ has three outputs, it looks like I need a switch. Can I use any...
  2. gnr5

    Lost signal from Directv Latin America in Miami

    Hello all, I've been a Directv Latin America customer for years, I moved and installed the antenna in Miami. As of last week I've lost all signal, changed the LNB and still nothing, did they move to a different satellite? Thanks
  3. gnr5

    Venezuelan DirecTV in Miami

    Hello, I'm a Venezuelan Directv customer and currently live in Miami. I brought my own 18'' dish and box and everything works, I'm able to get most of the channels, but some of my favorite ones are completely black. I've search all over the net but I can't my question being answered. 1. Would...