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    Circle Launching in January

    Someone mind translating the gibberish? Ah...never mind, I found a's from one of the Gray-owned stations in Amarillo (KFDA-CBS): Opry Entertainment Group, Gray TV announce Circle, a new country lifestyle network Opry Entertainment and Gray Television are launching a new country...
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    wcmh TV (NBC 4) in Columbus Ohio Dropping METV

    MeTV in Tampa Bay moved to WMOR 32.2, as of this past weekend. Not surprising there, since Hearst TV (owners of WMOR) also have MeTV affiliations in some of their other markets (Baltimore, Boston/Manchester, Kansas City, etc.)
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    CBSN app

    Every O&O market but Detroit, and I know they haven't produced full-length newscasts in a long time, and the last time WWJ/WKBD aired news, it was produced by cross-town WXYZ. It's a wonder if CBS wants to re-attempt launching local news again in Detroit...either that, or they should give it up...
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    CBSN app

    CBSN had indeed expanded once again--the Boston version launched today... WBZ Launches 24-7 Local Streaming Network 'CBSN Boston'
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    The Flintstones are returning to broadcast TV thanks to MeTV (Yabba Dabba Doo!)

    If their Wiki is believed, and I remember reading the passage a few times, KGO in San Francisco was the first ABC-owned station to air The Flintstones in color. As a whole, ABC's entire primetime lineup didn't start airing in color until the fall of 1966; NBC and CBS went full-color in...
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    Court TV is Launching a Second Free OTA TV Channel as Escape Rebrands

    I don't think those channels are changing their names anytime soon, and honestly, nor should they be. "African TV"...seriously, dude? :facepalm
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    Subchannel Discussion Thread

    Coincidentally, I do have a brother named Justin, but not this gentleman here.
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    Subchannel Discussion Thread

    It's been awhile since a new post was made here, but CBS' Dabl subchannel, which is scheduled to launch in exactly two weeks (Monday, September 9th), had a soft-launch over KCBS Channel 2.3 here in Los Angeles this past weekend. Unlike ABC's Live Well Network, which was made of original content...
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    Dabl popped-up (without no notice) on KCBS 2.3 here in Los Angeles over the weekend, while I was re-scanning my local channels. The official launch of the channel isn't until two weeks from today (Monday, September 9).
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    CBSN app

    I watch CBSN quite a but, as well as the New York and Los Angeles feeds, and thanks to their numerous resources (via the affiliate stations), they're on top of national breaking news. I know ABC and NBC had launched similar services (NBC more recently), but I think they both lag behind CBS...
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    sinclair shuts down kidsclick

    Light TV's live feed is also available to stream through their website: Light TV - Light TV
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    Decades Replaced by StartTV

    I lost KAZA in my area of town when they moved frequencies...thankfully, MeTV still kept the secondary affiliation with KDOC. They could have moved Decades to KCAL's digital spectrum, and still maintain full-market coverage (and be on KAZA 54.2), regardless if Weigel owns KAZA and Decades...
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    Tribune/Sinclair Merger dead

    If this, in some way, can lead to the FCC to force a break-up of Sinclair (with whatever legalese they have in their disposal), I'm for it. I couldn't care less about of their political slant, but no company should have this much control of the American airwaves.
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    KVCR Going to Low VHF

    I live in SW Los Angeles, and often times when the weather is right, and the antenna properly set, I can pick-up KVCR in my home. There are certain spots in Southwestern Los Angeles County where you pick up KVCR, especially with the hilly terrain in the area. Going back to when I was a DirecTV...
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    The PlayStation Vue Thread

    I've seen this on a couple of sites today, but it looks Vue may add back the Viacom networks as soon as tomorrow, as well as finally adding the A&E Networks. As a whole, the PlayStation network is suppose to undergo software maintenance midnight ET tonight; of course, it could be all...
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    Vince McMahon sells $100 million of WWE stock as XFL reboot plan continues

    LMAO...the problem there is if there was to be another new football league like the USFL, it won't be the same as the original USFL. What helped the USFL before that worthless piece of sh*t convinced the other owners that they should play in the fall instead of the spring was the TV money from...
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    Subchannel Discussion Thread

    You also just described (Sony) Crackle...among their original content, there's also loads of classic TV shows from their library (and from Universal), but it's only selected seasons. Starz, to their benefit, at least offers complete seasons of the classic shows that they own the rights to...
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    Subchannel Discussion Thread

    Antenna TV just announced today on their Facebook page that they're tweaking their lineup once again (third time since the start of the calendar year); new shows being added include What's Happening Now! (airing weekdays 5pm ET after its parent show, shifting Gimme a Break to 5:30), Archie...
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    Television Guides

    I've used TitanTV for's especially cool IMO because you have the ability to create your own channel lineups.
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    National PBS Gone

    Rockford, Illinois (my hometown) doesn't have its own PBS affiliate...via cable, they get WTTW (Chicago) and WHA (Madison; the flagship of Wisconsin Public TV), and via Dish/DTV, it's the national feed; I haven't lived there in nearly 30 years, but in the analog days, you could pick up WHA...