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  1. ScooterS

    Wally RV Problems- Software Update?

    I've been following an RV forum where multiple Wally users say they began having problems with a frequent "signal loss" message. They are all saying that this popped up in the last few days, possibly after a software update. Any ideas? Is Dish aware/working on this??
  2. ScooterS

    Ham and Dish Ground

    I'm starting to think about getting my ham shack set up at the house. It has been many, many years since I've played with any of the HF stuff. I will have a second floor ham shack with some type of long-wire antenna, which will likely be in the eaves. I'm starting to consider grounding...
  3. ScooterS

    Iphone 8 Battery Life

    I'm getting about 3 full days, like 72 hours, (really!) of battery life on my Iphone 8. That compares with about a day on my 6s. I did a backup and restore, so app demand should be similar on both. Are others seeing the same thing?
  4. ScooterS

    Smartbox and IP Output

    We're giving some thought into installing Smartbox in a large communications center. We'd like to have the option for multi-channel TV on flat panel TVs, as well as an IP interface so that channels can be viewed on operator's PCs. Does anyone have experience with this? I see some limited...
  5. ScooterS

    Adding Traffic

    The Sirius/XM trial on my new Ford C-Max expired. I got a good annual deal on getting "Sirius Select." I now would like to add my Sirius Traffic back. Any suggestions on how to get the best price? What is the best price for traffic??
  6. ScooterS

    Hoppin at CES!

  7. ScooterS

    MattG Da DIRT Man!

    I'm moving and want to move up to Hopper. I decided to try the DIRT Team, rather than call and play "CSR Roulette." MattG got me on the right track in a few quick e-mails. I strongly urge anyone needing a bit of help from Dish to try the DIRT folks. Many thanks Matt!
  8. ScooterS

    Building a new home

    Mrs ScooterS and I are fortunate enough to be building a new home. We will be moving in a few months. We've had Dish service for about 10 years and now have a "traditional" system with leased equipment. We want to "go Hopper" when we move. I spec'd the home with 3 RG6 (3 GHz) runs to the...
  9. ScooterS

    My CES Impressions

    I've had this posted in the Pub area for a while. I thought that I'd open it up for all. BTW, If you aren't a SatGuys Member, you might give it some consideration. There is alway some great discussion in the Pub and you don't have to keep watching those pesky ads :rolleyes:. “Everything...
  10. ScooterS

    Missing In Action: Browns vs. Packers on NFL Network

    Anyone know what happened to the Browns/ Packers game on NFL Network tonight?? Just tuned in and BAL/PHI is playing.
  11. ScooterS

    Got the $77 deal

    I got the Sirius $77 deal. Called and told them I wanted to cancel due to high cost. Got immediately transferred to customer retention. They offered me the $77 deal for 1 year. (half price). I took it. Other than wasting about 20 minutes to go through the process, it was painless. I...
  12. ScooterS

    Getting Back into Ham Radio

    I've been licensed since 1969. However, I've not done much for 20-30 years. I went to a garage sale about 3 weeks ago looking for Shopsmith stuff and found myself at the home of a silent key. To make a long story short, I now have a BAHR (Big A$$ Ham Radio). It's an old TenTec Omni D. I...
  13. ScooterS

    Sirius Terrestrial Station Down- Austin, TX

    I found my Sirius receiver down when I came into work Tuesday. It was still dwon this morning. Sirius tech support advises that the Terrestrial station(s) in Austin is down and will probably be down for 24-48 hours. .........your check is in the mail!
  14. ScooterS

    Overall Impressions of CES 2011

    I spent the past two days at CES. Day 1 was hangin' with Scott and the GREAT staff. Day two was going wild through the aisles on my own. I'm a quasi-techie, more of an advanced user, not Sat expert like the staff, but here are some overall thoughts on CES: - 3DTV. It's cool, its...
  15. ScooterS

    Modify User Name

    Is it possible for you change my User Name from "Scooters" to "ScooterS" without resetting all of my data, etc.? I was a bit hasty when I signed up for this little forum that I stumbled into many years ago.:D I'd much rather be known as "Scooter S." than someone who rides scooters...
  16. ScooterS

    HAVA Wireless Player for IPhone Released

    HAVA Wireless has released the HAVA Player for the IPhone. It is now available at the Appstore (search HAVA). It functions on wireless, but not 3G (AT&T restriction) It costs $9.99 and works quite well. While the current standard is certainly Sling, I've really been pleased with my old...
  17. ScooterS

    Any Reason NOT to get Eastern Arc Dish

    Here are 2 scenarios: - Customer in Austin TX has a 2 Dish Setup. One is a 1000.2 with a wing dish on 61.5. The 61.5 dish is showing LNB Drift. - Customer in Austin TX has a Dish 500 (110/119) setup. Locals are currently off-air, because there is no 61.5 dish. Both customers have...