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  1. rvvaquero

    The Tablo

    In my quest to learn about all things TV, I've got my DISH Wally and I bought a Tivo a few weeks back and more recently I bought a new Tablo Dual Lite. It's the Tablo I want to talk about here. Setup of the Tablo was fairly easy, got it up and running in about 30 minutes. I'm using a sata...
  2. rvvaquero

    My Tivo life lesson for the day

    So, a couple of weeks ago I decided I would prepare for the end of the year when my DISH contract ends and have options with regard to OTA dvr. I did a little research on OTA dvr's and decided that I like the Tivo approach best. After reading up as much as I could on Tivo, I finally decided to...
  3. rvvaquero

    My Wally. How could this happen?

    With all this talk about updates on the Hopper, I decided to check my Wally and see if it got one. It's been running on U806 for a while now. Anyway, I go to Diagnostics and select the Software Update feature. It goes through the whole 20 minute process, rebooting six or seven times. I get...
  4. rvvaquero

    Tripped into the dark side...Mac-Help

    Started working with computers in a bank processing center in 1968. Got the bug and been hooked ever since. I've had dozens of PC's, DOS and Windows driven over the years. Never had a Mac. So, since I'll soon be 70, I figured it would be about time to learn a little about the Mac OS. A guy...
  5. rvvaquero

    When Charlie used to contact me personally

    I was going through and old file cabinet today, looking at old bills and such. Cell service is cheaper now, electricity about the same, and satellite TV...................well, you know. I came across this letter from DISH actually advising me of a price increase in the mail. Thought some of...
  6. rvvaquero

    I finally need DISH service for inferior product

    Wow, after over 20 years off and on DISH network satellite TV, I will finally need a service call. I've never had DISH out before, just always did my own installs and troubleshooting. However, this coming Saturday between 8 am and Noon, a DISH service rep will be visiting my...
  7. rvvaquero

    DISH on a DirectTV mast

    I'm about to mount a DISH dish on a DirectTV roof mounted mast. Is there a better, easier, more available, less expensive way to do it than this 1.66 Pipe Adapter Existing Pole Dish Satellite Mast Antenna Installation SKY1100 | eBay Thanks.
  8. rvvaquero

    Wally won't record OTA

    Since converting to a Wally a couple weeks ago, I've been learning a bunch about it. One problem I have and can't figure out. Today, I set a ball game to record on an OTA channel. Midway through the second quarter, I decided to watch it. The game was in the DVR list, with the proper icon...
  9. rvvaquero

    How to auto tune on a Wally.

    I just switched from a VIP211K to a Wally, trying to learn the new interface. One of my most used features on the 211 was to "auto tune". For example, I would go into the guide and see that a program is coming on in two hours. So, I would select that program and be given choices of recording...
  10. rvvaquero

    How to scan OTA on a Wally

    Well, I de-activated my dinosaur today, the old VIP211K. I installed a new Wally which I'm learning to use. I'm having a problem. I bought the Air TV dual tuner OTA adapter. I plugged the adapter in to the receiver, then went to Settings/OTA Antenna. I have no options, it says to connect my...
  11. rvvaquero

    Networking issue

    Hi, I thought I'd ask here because there are so many tech saavy members on this site. I've got a Windows 7 laptop. I can connect wirelessly to a number of networks. However, I can't connect to my phone's hotspot. The laptop sees it, but it just rolls trying to connect. I can connect to the...
  12. rvvaquero

    New series

    I can't believe a new Western series started up on DISH and nobody told me about it. You guys know that I love Westerns. Half of my TV time is on the Western Channel. I'm hurt. Anyway, for anyone else who didn't know, a new Kevin Costner series called "Yellowstone" began recently on...
  13. rvvaquero

    Programming substitution for Harvey

    I thought this was interesting, considering all the discussion in the past about regulations regarding local channels. Here in Beaumont, TX the local CBS affiliate is still operating. However, they are not broadcasting OTA. I assume that they are flooded at their tower location, which is in a...
  14. rvvaquero

    Problem with pausing and resuming

    I am using a VIP211K. I need help learning how to do what I want to do. Example: Yesterday, I was recording the U.S. Open on FS1 (seven hours of coverage plus an extra hour of recording). I was watching it about 3 hours behind live TV. I wanted to switch to my OTA local station to watch the...
  15. rvvaquero

    Maytag Man

    I've talked with two DISH installers from different parts of the country in the past few days. They both told me that they are now repairing Samsung washing machines. If this is true, just curious what you installers think about that. Is this going to end after the recall, or is this the...
  16. rvvaquero

    Mast adapter?

    Is there an adapter which allows one to use a Direct TV mast with a DISH dish? Thanks.
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  18. rvvaquero

    Help with recording on 211K please

    I'm not a big DVR user, mostly just pausing while I leave the room shortly. However, every now and then I need to record a program. I've run into this problem more than once. Today's example: I set the DVR to record PGA golf on CBS from 1 pm to 5 pm. Then, I try to set to record PGA golf on...
  19. rvvaquero

    How to delete timer event

    Can someone please tell me how to delete a timer event on a VIP211K receiver? I sometimes set a timer incorrectly. Like today, I set a timer to autotune. I'd like to change that to record, but can't figure out any way to do so. Thanks.
  20. rvvaquero

    Reboot explanation please

    If I'm watching television when the house power goes out, then when I get power back it takes about two minutes for the Dish receiver to boot back up and I'm watching TV again. However, if I unplug the receiver then plug it back in, it goes through a complete check switch and program guide...