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  1. whatchel1

    Enter To Win: GEOSATpro microHD FTA Receiver

    I want a microHD for 2013
  2. whatchel1

    US Satellite TV's future?

    I want a picture of you up the 80 ft tower. ;)
  3. whatchel1

    US Satellite TV's future?

    Wow I've got a new nickname. But I really prefer Mr. Vader. Darth is just so familiar :D
  4. whatchel1

    How to get all of the paid types of channels on the free to air satellites?

    Quick answer. You can't even the eye patch guys don't have all of them up there.
  5. whatchel1

    QuetzSat 1 at 77W

    I was wondering about this as the last that nelson1 had listed as it still being there.
  6. whatchel1

    QuetzSat 1 at 77W

    If you are north of the Mason Dixon line so to speak you aren't going to get much of a signal. This bird is to be supplying LIL for some southern markets and Dish Mexico. There are satbeam maps in the thread I posted earlier. Page 2 post #20 & page 3 post 23.
  7. whatchel1

    QuetzSat 1 at 77W

    Dish sat:
  8. whatchel1

    Starband Channel Master 74E Pick or Not

    I have one in the garage and doubt it will be coming out anytime soon. In your area to me you kind of answered your on question. The footprints show that you need a larger dish. Yes the feed horn is elliptical but I don't think it really gets you much more gain out of the dish. The shape was...
  9. whatchel1

    Trouble with 8Ft dish, notfinding any bird.

    No way to get more than 1 or 2 at most 3.
  10. whatchel1

    Got a New Dish, recommendations for LNB?

    I'm using one of these and it's pretty good. The noise figure is correct for only one peak but working just fine and the price is good. ESX 521 Standard Linear LNBF Ku Band LNB 0.2dB LNB | eBay
  11. whatchel1

    History Gone?

    You have just talked to or looked at the website only. If you buy and install your own equipment the install is unnecessary. You may be dead in the water if you don't let someone do credit check. Both dish & directv do credit checks if you lease from them. Your best bet would be to go to the...
  12. whatchel1

    amc 5 w

    Sure it is but it moves N & S of it in a figure 8.
  13. whatchel1

    Trouble with 8Ft dish, notfinding any bird.

    No it's not a polar mount that needs an actuator. It is an azimuth elevation mount you can only do 1 sat at a time and not track the arc. To track the arc you need to get a polar mount.
  14. whatchel1

    What's Best firmware for Openbox 10

    What are the best firmware downloads here for the Openbox 10? For those here that have this unit I would to know what you have downloaded that you feel is best for this FTA box. Many thanks.
  15. whatchel1

    Trouble with 8Ft dish, notfinding any bird.

    This dish has an Az/El mount. You can only pick up 1 sat with it. You can't track the arc with it. Where are you? The sats you have on the screen shots are all European & Middle East birds. You want help you need to give more info. We don't care if you are not in the USA.
  16. whatchel1

    History Gone?

    You could do your own install of the pipe. Buy the 211k you could then have them do the dish install and activate the ext HDD and sub to welcome pak if SD is satisfactory. It isn't to me so I sub to a larger pak. Too me it's pretty much if it isn't HD I just don't care anymore.
  17. whatchel1

    History Gone?

    Talk to dish store here before you do anything else.
  18. whatchel1

    Trouble with 8Ft dish, notfinding any bird.

    You are way way off track with the dish. Here is a chart to set the dish to track correctly. Footprints by Dish Size - Latitude Declination Chart - C/Ku-Band Satellite Listing
  19. whatchel1

    32 & 64 APSK

    Have something similar. Right now it has an ASUS M3A78-CM mobo w/ an AMD 2.2Gb quad core. About to go to 8 Gb mem and upgrade my Win 7 pro 32 bit to 63 bit. Have an FTA card haven't hooked up yet as well as Pinnacle card for local cable and a MyHD TV card for OTA. I don't know how old the case...