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  1. Jim S.

    "Expedition Unknown" guide nonsense

    Once again I see that all episodes are being flagged as new, and three-hour-long blocks are being listed as one episode. Who is responsible for this crap? Is Discovery doing it themselves to try to get more views, or is it only a Dish problem?
  2. Jim S.

    Reginald Fessenden commemorative broadcast on 486 kHz I'm picking it up, barely, in central Pennsylvania on an active whip antenna and an SDRPlay RSPduo.
  3. Jim S.

    getting viglinks again :(

    Didn't see any yesterday, but tonight one popped up in this post: New Edision Mio+ Owner the word "case" near the end. Last time this happened, I think I avoided it by changing my style. Tonight I switched from light to dark (the only two styles available yet) and it's still there.
  4. Jim S.

    blue squares when accessing recordings

    Lately my Hopper 2 has been stalling with the cycling blue squares across the middle of the screen when trying to play recordings. Normally the squares would only pop up for a moment, if at all, while loading the list of recordings. But now sometimes they'll come up and the receiver never (at...
  5. Jim S.

    guide says "local weather" on channel 100...

    ...but it's the same old multi-view channel that's always been there. Does anyone at Dish actually use their own service?
  6. Jim S.

    what's with all the instances of Dish Studio in the guide?

    It seems to be multiplying... On my HwS, Eastern Arc (all 3 satellites), it's currently on channel 102, 115 twice, 207 twice, and 402 twice. The ones that are listed twice on one channel are both listed as HD, rather than one SD and one HD as you'd expect.
  7. Jim S.

    Game Finder listing games on channels not subscribed to

    We only started using it recently, so maybe this isn't new behavior, but it certainly doesn't seem like correct behavior. We have Game Finder set for New York Yankees games, and we've set the "only available games" option so we don't get listings for blacked-out games. Nevertheless, tonight it...
  8. Jim S.

    I'm logged in and I'm getting viglinks again...

    Anybody else?
  9. Jim S.

    AMIKO Mini HD RE bugs

    1) I finally got around to trying timer recordings. (Previously, I had just hit the record button while watching a channel.) I've found that whenever a recording completes, it apparently shuts off the LNB power! When turning the box back on after recording, there is no signal on any...
  10. Jim S.

    it's Eurovision Song Contest time again

    3PM EDT (if I got it right) on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Probably airing on the usual suspects on 97W Ku (RTP, RTS, TVR, BVN) although some may have it live and some may delay it to NA evening (usually BVN.)
  11. Jim S.

    SSTV from the ISS coming up!

    ARISS-SSTV images: SSTV opportunities from ISS in April 2018
  12. Jim S.

    timer conflict resolution is utterly broken on my HWS

    Tonight I tried to create a series timer for a program that's scheduled at the same time as three existing series timers. I expected that, since it was a series timer, it would automatically record the next showing. Instead, it brought me to the conflict resolution screen. I took the...
  13. Jim S.

    SSTV from the ISS today and tomorrow

    It was supposed to start at 2100 UTC today (I don't have any passes coming up for a few more hours, so can't confirm), and I haven't seen a concrete end time.
  14. Jim S.

    CUI update turned on PTAT

    Changing the user's settings without asking or even notifying is inexcusable. So far I've only found three things that are an improvement over the old UI. In decreasing order of importance: 1) It can now be set to come up on the channel it was turned off on, or on the home screen. Forcing...
  15. Jim S.

    Reminder: the Eurovision Song Contest is early this year

    Tuesday the 9th, Thursday the 11th, and Saturday the 13th. Presumably on the same channels it usually is, but if anyone has time to confirm any of them, please post here.
  16. Jim S.

    Dish, clean up the guide!

    The holidays are over, but the music channels that were repurposed for them are still at their remapped locations under their original names. It looks stupid. (Actually, it looked stupid during the holidays too, since they were in three different blocks instead of one.) Also, there are two...
  17. Jim S.

    crashing when cycling through recording screens

    Sometime in the last few weeks, my HWS has developed a new bad habit. If I'm recording something and cycling through the recordings, deleted recordings, timers, etc. screens with the DVR button, it'll partially crash. The screen will go black except for the video window in the corner, and when...
  18. Jim S.

    server time not reset?

    Messages posted this evening are showing up as "Yesterday" even though it's not midnight yet.
  19. Jim S.

    DVR alert: Expedition Unknown

    New episodes start tonight on Travel, but they're not being picked up as new NOR even old on my timer from last season on my HwS.
  20. Jim S.

    why am I getting inline ads?

    Saw them Monday, didn't see any yesterday, seeing them again today. Example: In the "Help! Is this a fraudulent email?" thread in the Pub, most of the instances of the word "microsoft" are links to...