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  1. Go Sox!!

    Dish Bill

    Anybody know what this credit could be for on my last bill?
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    We have a 7 hour layover in Seattle for a trip to Hawaii in Late August. We have relatives in HI so we know what we are doing there. Does anybody have an idea what the best thing to do is? I have never been there and want to take advantage of our free time
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    Bears DE Adams dies at age 26

    Another player dying way too young. Chicago Bears defensive end Gaines Adams dies at age 26 - ESPN Chicago
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    Las Vegas

    Off to wonderful Vegas for a week. Any suggestions besides Gambling which I will do plenty of. We plan to do day trip to Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon also plan see Love at the Mirage.
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    Lake Powell

    Off to Lake Powell Utah next week for 5 days on a houseboat. Are there any suggestions where to go on the lake?
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    BD Live problems

    I cannot access BD live on my Tropic Thunder Bluray. It downloads about 25% and then freezes and then goes to the main screen after 5 minutes. Has anyone else had this problem?
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    622 TV2 Question

    Does The TV2 connection really downconvert to 4:3? I have a standard TV and have noticed shows I am watching or recorded in HD are still in widescreen format.
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    Special Charlie Chat Tonight!

    It looks like there is a special Charlie Chat scheduled for Tomorrow, I wonder if it is because of the Distants going off on Fri. or maybe they will shed some light on Cinemax. I am sure they will not have any good news
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    I am sorry if this is on another thread. I just noticed on the Dish Network website they have removed Cinemax from the movie packages, what is going on?
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    Universal Remote

    I am in the market for a universal remote, Leaning towards the Harmony 880. But want to make sure it will work with my Dish Network V.I.P 622. Mostly the DVR Functions. Any Comments?