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    Losing Channels

    There is a message and an alert channel 341-1 about this but in case you missed it, we are losing El Rey and Fusion on 1-23-20.
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    New Channels

    There are some new channels on Directv... ch 322 NHK World News... (SD only, a English-language Japanese channel) ch 343 i24News HD... channel 343 (it's an app like Cheddar and iHeartRadio, if your Internet isn't good, it won't be HD) ch 1920 Limetime Movie Club... channel 1920 (subscription...
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    Due to the fire, WCAX, WPTZ, and WNNE are off the air OTA. Do you note that on the rabbitears site? If so, just letting you know.
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    TV Plus

    Have any of you seen TV Plus? I am not really sure what it is, when I go to the OTA input on my Samsung TV, after the last OTA channel, the next channel is 1005 which is the CBS News network. There are a ton of channels in the 1000s, in a variety of genres. To relate it to Directv...
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    Why are there local MeTV ads in the Directv-inserted spots?

    I have seen a few MeTV Boston ads inserted in the local spots of the Directv-inserted commercials. Specifically, the ads are for the Flintstones. Why are they advertising a channel they don't carry? Only those of us with AM21s/LCCs can see it, but no mention of the LCC is made. And by us, I...
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    WPTZ updates

    Some minor things for the site about WPTZ that I meant to update you last month... WNNE 31-1 is now 1080i 5-3 MeTV is now 16:9. In the market, what happened to the updates with WYCI? It saw that they were going to turn on the original site's transmitter while they finish the new site. It...
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    Channel Updates

    Nothing groundbreaking here but some updates for Directv: New channel for us: HSN2, channel 310 (SD only) New HD upgrade: TBN HD, channel 372 Rebrand: QVC3, channel 318 (SD only) New/Re-add: Kids Mix, channel 199
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    Stadium Sports

    Is Stadium Sports only added by Sinclair stations or do others add it? Do local Stadium affiliates broadcast games from the list of games online that are of local interest? Or does everyone get the linear schedule on their site with very limited games?
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    WCAX 3-4 Start TV

    Just a quick note... You correctly noted that WCAX added Start TV on ch. 3-4 last week. However, it was only on the air for a couple of days. It has been off the air since last weekend, only 3-1, 3-2, and 3-3 are there now. BTW, the PSIP call sign for it was StartTV when it was on the air.
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    CBMT Montreal

    I have found little information about the repack in Canada. Is the DTV-CP granted to CBMT Montreal related to the repack or is it something else? If it is something else, do you know when it is due to come on? I tried to read the app files but none of them will load for me. The LIC is 363 kw...
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    Forced Account Changeover

    I am seeing a message when I sign onto my account that "heads up" it is not available and it is being switched over to and will be available Monday. How wonderful...
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    New Channels

    We have some new channels 354 Cheddar (app, in HD) 456 ESNE (same as KDOC-2 in the LA market) 564 Hallmark Drama HD (in test now, goes live Friday, according to the CE site)
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    Not this again - the audio/video skips and pixelation

    Is anyone here seeing dropouts on CNN, MSNBC, ESPN2, NBC Sports Boston, sports channels in the 700s, and various other channels? I started seeing it this week. It's not rain. Everything is tight. I haven't seen it on ESPN "1", FS1, HBO, Comedy Central, or locals specifically. Someone on the...
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    W46ED ... I think

    I am suddenly getting PSIP 34-1, 34-2, and 34-3 from RF 29 that I have never gotten before. It started coming in only in the last week or so. The thing is, I think that is supposed to be 46-1, 46-2, and 46-3 W46ED-D from Willsboro, NY which relays Mountain Lake PBS (WCFE Plattsburgh, NY) into...
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    CW in Burlington VT DMA

    The Burlington VT DMA has always had two NBC affiliates (WPTZ Plattsburgh NY and WNNE Hartford VT). They are sister stations. Directv was the only TV provider not carrying the CW subchannel on WPTZ. Monday, they started channel sharing and changed WPTZ 5-2 CW to WNNE. Now Directv has the CW for...
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    TV Japan

    TV Japan HD, ch 2040, is now live on Directv. Fun Fact: The news is available outside of the channel's subscription, so you can watch it. It is in Japanese, but the other site said that some of the newscasts had English on the SAP. Also, all international HD is on the 99/103 like other HD so...
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    Quest on WVNY

    Quest on WVNY 22-4 Burlington, VT is now live.
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    I think my LNB is dead

    Here's what's wrong... A few channels are showing the "searching for signal" message. Those channels are CGTN ch 2119, ESPN Deportes ch 466, bein sports Español ch 467, and a few others. I looked up the channels on the transponder maps and they are all on 119 on transponders with even numbers...
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    New channel and HD

    ch 603 Cowboy Channel (SD only) is now in test. No word on a date to go live. all of the following are rumored to be going HD on/around 12-27... ch 214 MavTV ch 273 Pop ch 326 GAC ch 328 TV One
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    Missing Sunday Ticket Games

    Where did the Texans @ Rams and Cowboys @ Falcons games go on Sunday Ticket? Channel 713 and 714. The usual refreshing procedures do nothing.