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  1. Mgsports

    This TV KC

    RabbitEars.Info means can't stay on a Cable Group in KC area just hasen't been on Scripps yet and still on KCKS-LD. Meredith has finally decided to expand and add more Digital Sub Channels to it's stations so hopefully Hearst is next.
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    Circle Launching in January

    Another Country Digital Sub Channel and mostly Gray Stations but none in top markets meaning 1-10 because no Gray Stations in those areas. 16 Tampa Bay top market. RabbitEars.Info MO one so far. Wibw
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    Start TV

    Most of the big Markets have it but like KC not yet.
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    DABL | Find Us KQFX also gets it's so does WKMG replacing Antenna TV with it so is WFOR No KS station yet and and the 2 Tribune Stations near KC gettting it added it so maybe WDAF adds it.
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    About KFQX Sub Channels

    7.29.2019 A tower transfer will knock a mid-Missouri TV station off the air briefly this week, and a second TV station off the air for about four months. KMIZ will leave the air late at night on July 31 while it moves to a temporary tower site. KMIZ will return to the air August 1. Over the next...
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    Fox O&O Stations to Add Decades

    have add Decades.
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    KAJF and KCMN

    Temporally Dark and have 6 months to fix repairs. Maybe another station can temporally pick up channels.
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    WJYS now has 10 signals. 62-10 is identified as MCTV.
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    Soul of the South KCMN 42.7 and so on.
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    Another Country Sub Channel
  11. Mgsports

    Swapping Sub Channels

    with Tribune/Nexstar deal could see Nexstar taking Kratz Networks from Scripps stations like FOX4KC replacing Antenna TV,This TBD with Laff TV,Bounce,Grit,Escape from KSHB/KMCI and adding Court TV to. So who would KMCI add to replace what it lost. KSHB still would have Cozi TV.
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    Charge! Added to WSBK Boston

    Charge and next hope KC gets it on FOX4KC.
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    All these Lifestyle Channels
  14. Mgsports

    Adding Channels like Biz TV and Youtoo America and others in the future.
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    Court TV Making a Return

    COURT TV and will be in KC area on etiher Scripps Stations or Trbune/Nextstar station.
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    Looks like Nexstar buying Tribune

    so what happens to Antenna TV,This TV nation wide and expand it to 4.4 TBN. In KC KSHB/KMCI has Kratz Networks. IONTV not moving to a Sub Channel and yes KRBK gets Movies that KCMN lower power station has that has to Quest that another station has.
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    CRTV It's a channel that has Talk shows like what Rush Linbaugh show is like and his show isn't on it
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    Including KCKS-LD replacing Justice Network and has Newsmax already.
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    The Christian Broadcasting Network Launches CBN News Channel, The First 24-Hour News Channel from a Christian Perspective, on October 1 KAJF meaning Accuweather needs a new home.
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    Cheddar back

    RabbitEars.Info Orlando so far this time