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    FCC filing for the T16 satellite (finally!)

    AT&T/DIRECTV finally submitted the official filing for the long anticipated "T16" satellite. Notify going to License Haven't read the entire narrative yet, but looks to be just like T15 and destined for 103W? With T15 supposedly to move back there as well? Don't get it ... Was certain it...
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    KCBS 2-2 DECADES channel now in widescreen SD.

    Hey, just noticed the DECADES channel on KCBS-DT sub-channel 2-2 in LA is now ("finally") in 16:9 SD as it is in many other markets. Short of HD, I'm always glad to see at least widescreen SD. Even though my dumb HDTV can't automatically format it correctly (keeps defaulting to 4:3 causing it...
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    MeTV now on 20-2 on KVME-TV in Bishop, CA?

    Hey Trip; I notice the occasional on-screen station ID graphic for KVME-TV in Bishop, CA now shows its MeTV programming as on sub-channel 20-2 instead of the usual main channel 20-1. However, can find no indication of this change on RabbitEars or anywhere else. Not even MeTV's website. It's of...