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  1. barryaz1

    Room to Room Pause Messed Up

    An old problem has returned - if a recording is in progress and is paused in one room, resuming in another room jumps it to Live. Doesn’t matter whether the original pause was on the Hopper or a Joey. Any suggestions?
  2. barryaz1

    Currently recording show not available on Joey

    I record the CBS network news (OTA) every morning and usually start watching in one room and resume in another, with no particular pattern. This morning, it’s not appearing on the DVR list for the program in a different room. Have tried turning off in the first room and the second room, NG. It’s...
  3. barryaz1

    Need help from Phoenix area Dish folks

    After last week’s audio cutout of Madam Secretary, this morning there’s no sound at all on CBS, channel 5, KMOX. If you’re in the area, please check ASAP so I can know whether it’s my H3 or a station issue. Thanks
  4. barryaz1

    Lost sound on last Sunday’s Madam Secretary

    Weird. Was watching last night, had just FF’d thru some commercials at about halfway, backed up a bit, and suddenly no sound from the recording. Did all the usual, stopped, reset, tried accessing via Primetime Anytime (never knew if that’s actually the same recording), and finally watched on...
  5. barryaz1

    Momentary blackouts?

    I’m getting some momentary (fractions of a second) blackouts/black flashes on my Dish, whether on the H3 itself or one of the Joeys, live or DVR. It’s just a flash, but disconcerting. Any ideas?
  6. barryaz1

    Dish Anywhere Start Over?

    Is it normal that you can’t access the start of a program until it’s done recording? Wanted to watch Meet the Press from the beginning before it was done recording and it didn’t appear on my Recorded Programs list. Had to join it being watched in progress at home. Did not try to rewind - my wife...
  7. barryaz1

    Moving from HWS to H3 tomorrow - any suggestions/advice?

    Since I can no longer be blamed by my wife for the Carbon change, I'm moving onto the H3. Excited to see the end of conflicts. Any suggestions or advice? I'm doing the following: Backing up Settings to my 40.0 remote (which I'll be sure to keep) Transferring recordings to an EHD and keeping...
  8. barryaz1

    Dish anywhere without internet?

    I transferred a few programs to my iPhone Dish anywhere and without internet on a plane I can't even open the app. Any ideas? Can in log on in the waiting room, start the show, pause, and continue in board without internet? Support was clueless. Good me to delete and reinstall, thereby losing...
  9. barryaz1

    Change in the way the Progress Bar works?

    I record CBS news on the morning, so as to jot have to worry about the buffer. This morning, I was nearly caught up to Live, which always showed up as Time Remaining (behind) and would count down. This morning, instead it was showing as elapsed time, which I find much less useful. Has there...
  10. barryaz1

    Closed captioning on dish anywhere iOS 9

    I'm out of town and using dish anywhere thru my iPhone. I can't see a way of turning off closed captioning. I tried in iOS settings, and it's not on there. And I'm sure if it were on at home, my wife would already have complained. Thoughts?
  11. barryaz1

    Recording not showing up on Hopper list, but does on a Joey

    Strange behavior... Wanted to watch Zoo last night in the main (Hopper) room and it wasn't in My Recordings(Series recording is set), so I just watched from PTAT. Was listed on the Daily Schedule as Skipped for PTAT, which is normal. But on one of the bedroom Joeys, it was on the list, and...
  12. barryaz1

    My HWS Created Its Own Recording

    Here's a new one - yesterday morning, when I looked at My Recordings, one of them I did not set up and never would have: Saints Alive on EWTN 261, a channel I never watch, is not on any My Favorites list and isn't even my religion:amen. And it happened at 2:30AM! Any thoughts?
  13. barryaz1

    Walking Dead Timer Problem

    I've had The Walking Dead set up as a Timer (New only) for years, and was even a transfer from my 722 backup. But I looked at the Daily Schedule for this coming Sunday and it was neither recording, no skipped for priority reasons. So I moved it's priority to 1, and even deleted and recreated the...
  14. barryaz1

    HD Percent used suddenly changed

    Last night, on my HWS, my percent full was about 82%. I was getting ready to move some stuff to an EHD, just to be safe. But this morning, I looked at it and it's now at 71% and nothing seems missing and the Deleted folder and the Rentals folder are just the way they were last night. Any ideas...
  15. barryaz1

    Does the 40.0 Remote emit an IR signal?

    I'm trying to use an old learning remote (Marantz) that has to learn the various commands. Does the 40.0 remote actually emit IR for the HWS, or only for the other devices,e.g. the TV. I did set Enable IR on the HWS, but I suspect the 40.0 remote does emit IR. I have a Logitech that I don't...
  16. barryaz1

    Can't move 4 Revolutions to an EHD

    I have 4 weeks of Revolution on my HWS DVR, and they do not show up on the transfer screens. I know there's an 8(?) day restriction on that, but this is 4 weeks worth. Revolution is a program set for saving since its inception, and this is the first time for a problem like this. Reasons, anyone...
  17. barryaz1

    After 15+ Years and $17,000, I'm Thinking of Leaving DISH

    I checked back and I started with DISH in November of 1998 and have spent (thanks to Quicken) over $17,000 and now I'm considering leaving. And I don't know if it will be Direct, Cox, Century Link, cord cutting or some combination. And it's due to the incredible deterioration in both reliability...
  18. barryaz1

    My Joey Lost Its Mother!

    One of my Joeys can't locate the Hopper anymore. Stuck on locating Hopper. Did all the usual plug/unplug/reset stuff all around and no success. Need new one? How about replacing with a Super Joey?
  19. barryaz1


    Ever since 328, my EHD (HWS) has yet to be recognized unless I go thru an unplug/plug and even then it won't complete a transfer. I've posted in existing threads, started new ones, been told I'd be called by Matt (which didn't happen), and still nothing. Whatever happened to Service there? Do...
  20. barryaz1

    DIRT - Help! Will 330 Actually recognize my EHD?

    Ever since 328, my HWS refuses to recognize my EHD. Unless I unplug the EHD's USB and external power, wait a minute, plug both in, go to EHD in the HWS Menu, see it's not there, then Cancel and now the "you have plugged in an external device" message comes up and all is well and good. Until the...