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  1. Captain Midnight

    Recommendations for Smaller Deep Fringe Antennas

    I'm trying to help my mom out with getting OTA. She just moved into a senior living apartment and couldn't set up her dish, so I am trying to see if it is possible to get her more than just the local PBS station. Her apartment is 30ft up. Here is the RabbitEars report...
  2. Captain Midnight

    6ft Mesh Dish Performance?

    I can get a free 6ft dish, and was wondering how much different it would be than an 8ft for signals near the top of the arc? I'm just wanting it for the satellites from 87-107w for my bedroom TV. My true south is 93w position, and I live at 35 N. What should I expect on C-Band? Worth the time?
  3. Captain Midnight

    AMIKO Looking for STB w/ dB Signal Meter

    I have 2 receivers, but neither give me anything but signal level/quality. The Amiko Mini HD265 meter is great, but my other box is not calibrated, so it's kinda tough to know how strong some signals are on it. Anyone know of a good receiver on the lower price side that gives signal figures in...
  4. Captain Midnight

    8ft SAMI Re-homed! Pulling in FTA on 43w-133w

    Thought I'd share my shoestring budget C-Band system. Total invested in materials and equipment is around $225. I'm using an 8ft SAMI w/24" US Electronics actuator that was given to me by someone about 15 miles down the road, a Titanium Sat Dual-Output C-Band LNBF w/WiMAX filtering. This is...
  5. Captain Midnight

    8ft SAMI BUD mount assembly help?

    Does anyone know if there is a guide posted for assembling the polar mount for a SAMI 8ft dish? Or does anyone have a photo I could use to help figure it out? I lost the pictures I took while taking mine down.
  6. Captain Midnight

    OTHER 90cm HughesNet Ka Dish for FTA?

    I was given a 90cm HughesNet dish that I gladly took down along with a SAMI BUD that a lady gave me free. It wasn't until I did a little internet searching that I realized this is a Ka Dish. Does this rule it out for Ku FTA use? I am assuming It does, but I'd like to hear if anyone else has...
  7. Captain Midnight

    Vintage C-Band Dish Mover for Spare

    I'm getting my first BUD up, an 8ft SAMI Mesh dish w/ 24" actuator, and I am thinking of trying a vintage dish mover to start with and keep as a spare once I find a good V-Box or used ASC-1. Thoughts on any good old school movers to look for? I found this on eBay and am curious on if they...
  8. Captain Midnight

    Any info on SAMI 8ft Mesh Dish?

    I recovered this 8ft mesh today and was glad to see it was Made in the USA by SAMI. Does anyone here currently use one for C-Band? I am hoping it is a solid performer. This dish seems to be in good condition, considering how long it has been out of service. It has an old EchoStar LNBF.
  9. Captain Midnight

    AMIKO Trouble finding Satellites

    Hello, long time reader here with my first post. I'm finally getting into FTA after years of curiosity. I have an Amiko Mini HD 265 connected to a Digipower SG-2100 H-H Motor moving a Primestar 75 dish. The dish was recovered from my childhood home place where my dad had it installed in 1997...