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  1. SkySurfer80

    Soccer feed on G19 (97 W)

    Scans in as "Fly Leon". Some sort of soccer match live feed. 12081 H 6250 kbps DVB S2 3/4
  2. SkySurfer80

    C band on 90 cm dish experiment

    Hey guys. Picked up a 90cm Channel Master dish and a mounting stand. Also got a BSC C band lnb. The dish measures 36.5 wide by 39 inches tall so it is a hair over 90cm. More like 91 cm wide and maybe equivilent to a round 95cm dish with the size. Anyhow I am going to test and see...
  3. SkySurfer80

    Looking for a new motor. Whats the best out there?

    This SG6100 has power but I cant reset it and when I goes over 20 or so degrees to the east side it does this thing where it changes all my sat positions. I think the counter resets or something at a point and next thing I know the dish wont move at the receiver and I go outside and the damn...
  4. SkySurfer80

    Motor question about degrees

    Well just when I thought I couldnt pull in any better signals than what I currently am with my 90cm setup I guess I can even pull in more in the arc. I always leave my dish set to my southern sat which is SES 2 at 87* and my due south is at 85.5 degrees. So when I am aimed at the 87* bird I...
  5. SkySurfer80

    Best ku band lnb on the market and expected signal improvement?

    I was wondering what do you guys consider the very best ku band lnb on the market? I currently have a geosat sLpLL and locked in as good as I can get on my 90cm and am ready to try out lnbs to get every ounce of juice I can get. Considering I have a good lnb already with the best lnb...
  6. SkySurfer80

    Db and BER readings compared to signal quality

    Well after buying a Satlink meter It has a db and BER readout. The signal qualitt readout on it is pretty useless as it is always between 60 to 69 on all locked transponders. I never paid attention to db and ber but am learning by using this meter and have to say it is very helpful...
  7. SkySurfer80

    What do you guys think of this BUD here?

    So I talked to a local communication station and the engineer and he said I can have this dish as well as several others! He also is going to give me some sort of spectrum anylizer he said he no longer needs. He was actually happy he could help. I just need to find a couple friends to help...
  8. SkySurfer80

    How far away can you get channels nowdays with an antenna?

    When i was a kid we had an antenna and got about 40 miles. Do they have ways to go say 300 miles now?
  9. SkySurfer80

    Ever wonder why certain sats are rarely used

    I often wonder alot of things like why do certain test patterns stay up 24/7 like the Florida lotto when it is supposed to cost so much money for sat space to rent out a tp. One thing I often wonder is why certain sats have so little feed activity. Also is it a given that when news feeds...
  10. SkySurfer80

    Does anything on my setup look off to you?

    I am convinced I can get better locked into the arc. I have my 90cm with a geosatpro slpll lnb which is supposed to be one of the very best lnbs and am trying to get it locked in as well as possible. I am currently hitting 82-83 pct on the Newsource on 87 and hitting low to high 20's on...
  11. SkySurfer80

    Do any of you ever catch any feeds east of 87 or west of 125?

    Ok I am scanning 87 to 125 and was curious if any of you ever catch anything west of 125 or east of 87? This is for ku band only. I see that the 127 bird is supposed to have feeds on it but I only scan in failed tps. One other question. I notice most tps scan in on varioud sats but...
  12. SkySurfer80

    New york lotto on ses2 87*

    Ok is the feed still up 24/7 like the Florida lotto feed is? I have fine tuned my motorized dish hours and am hitting the birds at a decent signal and hitting the dc channel at 94 pct, the lpb at 65 pct and even the Florida lotto as high as mid 30's but can no longer get the NY lotto feed...
  13. SkySurfer80

    Tp question on certain sats

    Is it just me or do any of you have this issue? I am using a Geosatpro 3500 hdvr and with this receiver you can pull in channels at only 5 pct quality. I can say it is decent for pulling in weak signals. . Ok I have a 90cm dish and a geosat slpll lnb. I have spent hours adjusting...
  14. SkySurfer80

    Found a 12 foot dish

    A guy down the road has a 12 ft c band dish probably 30 years old. It is an echostar model. At first I was thinking it was a 10 footer, but using my wingspan which is about 70 inches I stood stretched out and barely was able to touch the side and then the center of dish. I had no tape...
  15. SkySurfer80

    Thinking of setting up a BUD but have some questions

    Ok here it is. I am thinking of getting a BUD. I had one back years ago. The radio station here has some not in use and I was wondering if it is worth it for what I am looking for. I currently have a 90cm ku dish scanning 87 to 125. Here are my questions. 1. How many wild feeds or...
  16. SkySurfer80

    Got my new dish in

    Well I ordered a dish from a site called Electorica. They are at SATELLITE DISHES, Electorica Well first off I waited 4 days and never got any kind of tracking info. They sell on Ebay and sell alot. I went and bought straight off the site. So I emailed them and the owner said the...
  17. SkySurfer80

    Question about fta receivers and hvec

    Ok I have a geosat 3500 hdrv but was wondering as I see these other receivers and the amiko says hvec encoding on it. Is there a certain receiver that will pick up more feeds than another? Are there alot of hvec feeds that cant be picked up on my geosat 3500 but can be on the amiko or will the...
  18. SkySurfer80

    Would a 12 footer look good out here?

    I have my current ku band dish out here approximately 150 ft from the house to clear the big trees covering 87 to 125, I cant put it anywhere else and was wondering if you guys think this would be a good idea to put a BUD out here? I know the neighborhood would be curious what I am doing. Lol...
  19. SkySurfer80

    Galaxy 28 Ku band

    I am awaiting my new 39" dish but meanwhile scanning with my 76cm. A few years back I used to hit 89* Galaxy 28 for quite a few feeds, but for some reason I cant hit that sat even good enough to pull in the ASL channels. Is this just a hard bird to hit with a small dish? I am locked...
  20. SkySurfer80

    What dish would you reconmend?

    I am upgrading my 76cm motorized setup. I have a dms international sg6100 motor and it moves the 76cm super fast! I love the motor except it tends to go too far by about .5 degree at times on this dish. I am looking at getting a 39" dish that measures 39X36 off the Electorica site. They...