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  1. bspei

    Locals Protest the 5G Towers That Promise a High-Tech Future

    Locals Protest the 5G Towers That Promise a High-Tech Future Sent from my iPad using SatelliteGuys mobile app
  2. bspei

    Lost our tv in Denver

    It looks like Cheyenne is socked in with a Margery storm. Sent from my iPad using SatelliteGuys mobile app
  3. bspei

    Super Joey

    I have a super Joey that I cannot use with hopper 3. My daughter has an h2 with a Joey 1 which is really slow. Because the dish is on a 2 story house it is impossible to run a extra cable. Will the super Joey work as a regular Joey. I know the extra tuners won’t work. On the other hand will...
  4. bspei

    Required to switch to a Hopper

    My daughter lives in a condo complex and has Dish network. A man came to her door and said everyone will have to switch to Dish and you will need a Hopper. She said no way will I upgrade. The man came back and said they won't charge for the upgrade Can a complex that is already wired for cable...
  5. bspei

    Fire tv

    I installed firestick And the activation screen said to go to MyDISH and enter this code. I cannot find anywhere to enter a code.
  6. bspei

    Caller id history

    My caller id quit working and last week I found the history. Now I cannot find the history page. [emoji78]
  7. bspei

    Dealer question

    My daughter purchased a condo a year ago and had her dish account moved with her. Their was a direct and a dish installed on the building and a lot of switches in the basement. Now she got a letter that all dealings with dish or direct have to be with a dealer. Are they saying that the dishes...
  8. bspei

    where can I get one of these?

  9. bspei

    Ipad app

    The iPad app is locking up on my tablet. I have to power down to get it working again. I suspect it has to do with the ads.
  10. bspei

    Hopper not recording

    Covert affairs was recording but when I went to the tuners it was not there. This is what was listed for tuner 4. No information available 33401da... The menu had the red capsule that it was recording but it wasn't there. Posted Via The FREE SatelliteGuys Reader App!
  11. bspei

    Captions on covert affairs

    The closed captions on covert affairs are very sporadic. Sometimes every other caption is missing and other times I have to stop the recording and restart and hope the captions return. Any one else have this? Posted Via The FREE SatelliteGuys Reader App!
  12. bspei

    Upgrade to super joey

    I purchased a super Joey to replace a Joey. Install went great until activation. I have a profound hearing loss and trying to decipher which extension I wanted was a hit or miss. I explained that I was installing a Super Joey and the software had been downloaded and the screen said to call dish...
  13. bspei

    closed captioning

    I need closed captioning and some programs that I have recorded the captions are either to slow or to fast. Sometimes the captioning stops and then the captions begin scrolling faster than I can read. If I back up a portion that wasnt working it woks fine for a while and then start acting up...
  14. bspei

    What if I keep my remote

    When I return my 522 rental does any one know how much they will charge me if I keep one of the remotes. Woul it be cheaper to just buy one? I would sure like to keep the blue on foe my 622.