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  1. the mack

    Charlie thinks DISH and DIRECTV should merge.

    Nothing to brag about unless it was the other way around.:biggrin
  2. the mack

    Regional sports channels

    If the douche shoe fits...…...
  3. the mack

    Ground block question

    All the current dishes use plastic sleeves to isolate the lnb from dish itself so a dish ground is for static purposes only and would do nothing for a lightening strike. So many devices do not use grounds anymore, I assume the hoppers use a grounded plug and a internal power supply and not a...
  4. the mack

    Owned not leased Hopper 3 Install question....

    What fun is that? I always self install, not that they are all bad but have you seen some of the "professional" installations out there? Many are a hot mess. I wall fish everything even from the basement to first floor. No way some hack is drilling through my hardwood floors. I know there are...
  5. the mack

    Dish vip722 dvr home sharing help

    remove the separator at the switch and just hook up to port one.
  6. the mack

    Buying a on demand movie.

    They reserve over 100 gb for ppv if I am not mistaken, seems like I recall about 360gb of the 500gb capacity of the 722k is for personal recordings the rest is reserved for dish use. Probably more on the hopper since it has a bigger drive.
  7. the mack

    Buying a on demand movie.

    I thought the ppv below channel 2 on my 722k was stored on the hard drive and delivered via satellite?
  8. the mack

    new credit policy?

    Sounds like they are getting desperate to retain subs.
  9. the mack

    Best Bang for Buck

    Or just get a wally or 211k for the second residence.
  10. the mack

    OTA signal came back after Hopper 3 reboot. Why?

    My ota reception is back to normal on my vip stuff. Had to be something on there end as nothing on my end has changed. Maybe new firmware?
  11. the mack

    Return Costomer

    You could change your name and address... :biggrin
  12. the mack

    Can anyone identify this old TV antenna wall jack?

    Nice find. Some even had a 3 hole socket for a antenna rotor
  13. the mack

    Satellite TV piracy and account stacking

    Obviously you never programed a H or HU card. While not hard there was a little more to it then that. Dish was much more difficult in the beginning. Anyone remember talk and freetalk?
  14. the mack

    New Slab Installation

    I am assuming to protect it from damage and allow a easy replacement if for some reason it is necessary. (like to replace it with copper :biggrin )
  15. the mack

    Hard drive replacement on a Dish 722 k

    Just install the new drive and the receiver will format it. No special tricks needed.
  16. the mack

    Hard drive replacement on a Dish 722 k

    if it ain't broke..... 722k's were Cadillac's
  17. the mack

    Hard drive replacement on a Dish 722 k

    Don't forget higher monthly fees..:biggrin
  18. the mack

    2020 Dish Price Increase. ?

    Should be less with no RSN's:biggrin
  19. the mack

    Going for a backup dish?????

    How is that going to get the King's and Duck's games?