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  1. the mack

    No ota locals on dishanywhere

    I went to watch the Lions yesterday on my 722k and my ota locals no longer appear on the guide.They always were there before. Is this something new or a problem on my end?
  2. the mack

    No on demand on 722k

    Was trying to d/l some on demand content today on my 722k and none of the lists would populate. Broadband is connected. Are they forcing me to (for lack of a better word) upgrade to a hopper?
  3. the mack

    Talk to text

    Is there a way to improve the talk to text on the iphone? It really sucks and rarely gets it right. My $50 pos android works way way better. Easier just to type it out While I am at it siri is a DUMB BITCH total waste of time searching for info with her.
  4. the mack

    HBO BACK ON DISH (April fools!)

    Turned on my tv this morning and saw it was April first.:biggrin
  5. the mack


    Just binge watched the first 8 episodes of this and I am hooked. My luck it will be dropped first season like Roadies and Vinyl
  6. the mack


    Watched the second episode with Adirain Brody last night and LMFAO it was some funny stuff,,,,,the first episode was ok too for a washed up has been.
  7. the mack

    722k rentals disappearing bug

    I have noticed my rentals have been disappearing after the nightly reboot instead of the 30 days they usually last. Anyone else notice this issue/bug?
  8. the mack

    Vizio E700i-B3 with HR24 remote

    I just got a new Vizio E700i-b3 Tv and the receiver says sorry remote can not be programed at this time. Is there a way to get the remote working with this tv via code entry or something else?
  9. the mack

    21.0 remote with channel master rotator control

    I lost the remote for my channel master 9537 rotator control and was wondering if anyone knows a code that will work with the 21.0 remote. I read somewhere that a pioneer cable box or cd player code will work with universal remotes, but don't see any in the guide. TIA
  10. the mack

    722k timers did not record.

    Last night while watching tv I noticed my receiver was not recording SOA as it should of been. The timer was still on the list, but it was not scheduled to record, matter of fact none of my existing timers were scheduled to record. My service was interrupted for a couple of hours yesterday...
  11. the mack


    The Audi ''Doberhuahua'' commercial had me LMAO, and was one of the few good Super Bowl ad's
  12. the mack

    211K Showing both HD and SD channels

    The last couple of months every now and then my 211k will display both HD and SD channels even though the preferences is set to HD only. the only way to get it back to normal is a hard reset. Anyone else experience this?
  13. the mack

    722k and EHD

    Wondering why sometimes when I plug in my EHD's they are recognized right away, and other times it seems I have to wait until a reboot? Is there some trick I am missing?
  14. the mack

    script errors

    been getting random script errors the last few days, none today one yesterday. sometimes it is a adobe error something about a movie not running. is it from the pop up ads, or other problem on my end.... tried to delete this thread and could not also btw......
  15. the mack

    RF remote for HR24

    looking to use some sort of rf remote with a HR24. what would be the best cheap
  16. the mack

    Sunday Night Football Picture Quality

    did anyone else think the picture quality sucked big time on last night's Lions-49ers game last night? Ota was just as bad. the red in the 49ers jerseys really blurred with the smallest of movement.......
  17. the mack

    amplifier advice

    looking to install a line amp at my cottage install that has about a 400' cable run and was wondering which one would work the best. I an using it on a 1000.2 dish with 3 dual lnb's and a dpp44 switch feeding one 722k. tuner one has good signal levels, but tuner two levels are a little low...
  18. the mack

    tuner 2 low signal on 722k

    all of a sudden I have a 20 point plus lower signal on tuner 2 then I do on tuner 1...I hooked the antenna line direct without the separator and the results were the same. could the f connector on the tuner 2 input cause this problem? the reason I ask is I move this receiver back and fourth...
  19. the mack

    kinda cool new feature on 722k

    not sure if it is a new feature with the 722k's new L751 firnware or not as it is the first time I saw it last night, but a storm was coming through and I lost 129 due to rain fade,and the receiver said "HD signal lost, switching to SD duplicate channel" and automajically switched to the SD...
  20. the mack

    re-formatting dish ehd

    I have a WD my book essential 1TB drive I formatted to use with my 772k, but never put anything on I want to re-format it so I can use it with my pc. when I connect to my pc I get a not formatted error. I have no idea how to re-format this drive. any help would be appreciated... TIA