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  1. Cosmo Blatz

    Cell Phone Holder

    My latest invention holds your phone on the pole while you adjust the dish. Unfortunately, this wonderful invention did not help find my lost Orby signal. Sadly, I had to suspend my Orby account.
  2. Cosmo Blatz

    OrbyTV: Do-it-yourself Sale
  3. Cosmo Blatz

    OrbyTV: Do-it-yourself Sale

    What could go wrong with this kind of deal? I hope Orby Technical Services is standing by for the inevitable call overload.
  4. Cosmo Blatz

    40% off Orby TV receivers and DVRs at Best Buy - 11/21 - 11/23

    Well, the Best Buy eBay sale on the Orby DVR just ended. According to the "number sold" tracker. Best Buy sold exactly 1 DVR during the sale.
  5. Cosmo Blatz

    Anybody know the dish?

    I too think it is an Orbitron. They probably changed the name on the weather cover to something humorous. Check the button hook.
  6. Cosmo Blatz

    40% off Orby TV receivers and DVRs at Best Buy - 11/21 - 11/23

    The Orby DVR is back on sale at eBay for $149.99.
  7. Cosmo Blatz

    Programming a satellite finder

    I could be wrong. Hopefully Q'drizzle will check back in. (I've only been wrong 3 or 4 times today. Plenty of time to squeeze in one more error.)
  8. Cosmo Blatz

    Programming a satellite finder

    I'm thinking he might mean set up an FTA satellite system? Anyway, welcome to the forum Q'drizzle Rock Rain!
  9. Cosmo Blatz

    OTHER Would something like this actually work?

    Here's another interesting dish idea.
  10. Cosmo Blatz

    getting xfinity and worried installers might trash my rig.

    One way or another you are paying for the new installation. Make the installer earn his money. New installation means new installation.
  11. Cosmo Blatz

    8ft SAMI Re-homed! Pulling in FTA on 43w-133w

    Nice dish and good job on the install Captain Midnight. Now, if you see a tornado heading your way, run out and sit on the concrete pad. That could either save the dish or take you for a ride.:wink
  12. Cosmo Blatz

    Brand new Horizon 180 for sale

    What a find! Segerdog - Thanks for letting us SatelliteGuys Enthusiasts know about the Ajak. If someone does buy this, I would suggest not shipping until after Christmas. Package handling at this time of year is brutal!
  13. Cosmo Blatz

    Program Guide Question

    Since I don't have a meter that outputs LNB voltages, I adapted Brian's suggestion to what was available. Here's a diagram of my "fix". Maybe this will save others some grief. (Obviously both the red and green are on the center conductors.) Once the update is complete, the splitter and power...
  14. Cosmo Blatz

    Program Guide Question

    So, this morning I made up a coax DC break-out cable to test both receivers 13 volt output under full load. (Measured using a Fluke 87) Orby:........................ 13.22 volts Amiko Mini HD265: 13.64 volts The extra 0.42 volts that the Amiko receiver supplied to the LNB might be the...
  15. Cosmo Blatz

    Program Guide Question

    UNBELIEVABLE!!! Titanium: Thank you so much for the reply and the information! I removed a 2-way splitter from my OTA system. This splitter has a DC path and a capacitor coupled path. Hooked up the DC path to my FTA receiver and set it to 13 volts out with the 22 Khz turned on. Hooked up the...
  16. Cosmo Blatz

    Program Guide Question

    Update: Spent about 45 minutes on the phone with Orby tech support. We went through all their trouble shooting steps. It was determined the receiver was defective. Went to Best Buy to get a replacement. New receiver acts the same as the original. Apparently, my signal strength of 99/86 is...
  17. Cosmo Blatz

    Issues finding satellite

    Did my install on Wednesday. I found that it was necessary to back and forth between the connect dish and the signal strength pages to get the signal to show on the bars (up to 15x before the signal would register in at 99/85). I'm starting to think I have a bad receiver even though it's working...
  18. Cosmo Blatz

    Program Guide Question

    This is for the Orby channels not OTA (OTA not connected yet). My program guide states " no information available". This message appears when hitting the "Guide" button or when looking at individual channels. All the guide graphics are there, but no program info in the windows. Is there some...
  19. Cosmo Blatz

    Fl Orby Install Today ! OTA Antenna Questions.

    Got my Orby receiver today. Works fine! (SQ99/SS85) But, I see the receiver does not come with a diplexer. Gonna have to buy one.
  20. Cosmo Blatz

    DVR Question

    Thanks for the replys. I ended up ordering the standard Orby from Best Buy last Friday while it was on sale. I should have gone to the store to pick one up. My order shipped yesterday and will not arrive until next Wednesday. Installed a diode steered splitter and cable. Ready to plug in the Orby!