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  1. Cosmo Blatz

    Cell Phone Holder

    My latest invention holds your phone on the pole while you adjust the dish. Unfortunately, this wonderful invention did not help find my lost Orby signal. Sadly, I had to suspend my Orby account.
  2. Cosmo Blatz

    Program Guide Question

    This is for the Orby channels not OTA (OTA not connected yet). My program guide states " no information available". This message appears when hitting the "Guide" button or when looking at individual channels. All the guide graphics are there, but no program info in the windows. Is there some...
  3. Cosmo Blatz

    DVR Question

    Does the Orby DVR have a 'jump ahead' feature to advance 20 or 30 seconds at a time?
  4. Cosmo Blatz

    AMIKO AMIKO Mini HD SE USB Problem

    I was recently gifted an Amiko Mini HD SE. This Amiko will not recognize a WD Passport HD connected to either USB port. All the other receiver functions are working normally. The receiver DOES recognize flash drives O.K. I have another Amiko Mini HD SE that has been working perfectly with this...
  5. Cosmo Blatz

    Post Your Favorite FTA Test Pattern

    Surely, I'm not the only one that records interesting FTA test patterns? I think this one was from a feed on 91W Ku. (The star spins!) Obviously this was an HD feed. Post 'em if you got 'em!
  6. Cosmo Blatz

    ASC1 Amazon 3-Year Warranty Question

    Who actually does the warranty repairs for the Amazon optional 3-year warranty? Is it Titanium or the company mentioned on Amazon (Asurion, LLC)?
  7. Cosmo Blatz

    50 MPH winds yesterday and now this!

    May 16th somewhere in Nevada. Once the ~75 lbs of wet snow was removed from the Orbitron, the signal popped back in.These old Orbitron's sure can take some punishment ! (The DX Ku is just fine too.)
  8. Cosmo Blatz

    Where are we posting Olympic feeds?

    In the clear, or over in "What's up there"?
  9. Cosmo Blatz

    Not Good.
  10. Cosmo Blatz

    PBS Feeds on 125W

    All the PBS 125W Ku feeds just vanished at 7:15 PM CST. Maybe local weather conditions? Just strange. Anybody else? 'Create' usually hangs in good even in poor weather. Not tonight.
  11. Cosmo Blatz

    C Band Actuators Ball Screw & Acme

    While looking for a new actuator, I came across an article. It illustrates the difference between an acme and a ball screw actuator. The acme screw pictured, has a brass nut. I think maybe only Von Weise and Venture use a brass nut. All the others are plastic/nylon? I never understood exactly...
  12. Cosmo Blatz

    AMIKO Mini HD SE Hard Drive Size

    Will the Mini HD Se work with a 2 TB Hard Drive? $69.95 With Promo Code:
  13. Cosmo Blatz

    Guilty until proven innocent.

    So I called the local telephone/cable/internet provider to get DSL to my trailer here in Nevada. Right off, the sales lady tried to get me to sign up for the DEEEE-LUXX cable package. Told her NO! Explained I had two satellite dishes and was getting all the channels I needed. She asked who was...
  14. Cosmo Blatz

    Found this receipt...

    Still using the Orbitron and JGS actuator. Original boot still is on the JGS (not for much longer). The equipment was in hibernation for over a decade, but has been resurrected. QUESTION??? Thought I was creating a thumbnail of the receipt. Obviously not. How do you create thumbnails?
  15. Cosmo Blatz

    Leave STB Powered Up In Cold Weather?

    I haven't turned off the Mini HD SE since late November. (It did lock up once and need a restart.) My theory is that it is better to leave things turned on than 'shock' the Stab electronics and LNBF to life when it's cold. (HIGH temp today will be about 2 degrees F.) True, LNBF's are cheap to...
  16. Cosmo Blatz

    Automatic Volume Control

    Is there any chance that an STB manufacturer will include automatic volume control as a feature? A trip up/down G19 Ku is an assault on the ears! I'd be happy with a 'slowish' responding volume control that took a second or two to level the volume. ANYTHING to keep the different channels at a...
  17. Cosmo Blatz

    Need Help With: Mini HD Se / Stab90HH / GEOSAT 90cm Combo

    Installed the dish and motor today. Using USALS. Initially, I had the latitude set to S 42.60 instead of N42.60. Dish would not move. After the lat. error was corrected the dish moved to what looks like about 97W. The dish has not moved since. Tried powering down everything and no change. Will...
  18. Cosmo Blatz

    C1WPLL Question ???

    Are there any advantages to using the wide band C1WPLL over the C1PLL here in the USA?
  19. Cosmo Blatz

    Any reliable feeds on Ku 89W?

    Right now, I'm at my place in Nevada. I've got a non-motorized 1.2M dish here. Trying to find 89W so I can get some active 89W tp's loaded into the Amiko Mini HD SE. Then, when I get back to Wisconsin, I'd use this info to find the true south (89W) on the motorized 39" dish that will be going...
  20. Cosmo Blatz

    Places to buy schedule 40 steel pipe?

    Getting ready to install a 1.2 M dish at my place in Wisconsin. Where should I look for pipe? Thinking of going with 2 1/2" (2.88" OD) x 7' or 8'. The pole will be used with a Stab 120HH. Need to get a pole in the ground before the 'big freeze'.