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  1. reynoltd

    New Software Version 6.17

    This morning my vip 622 has new software v6.17. What are the changes from v6.16, anyone know?
  2. reynoltd

    Software Version 6.16

    This morning I noticed I had Version 6.16 on my VIP 622. Does anyone else have this, and, what changes does it come with?:confused:
  3. reynoltd

    Dish Comm stopped working

    I just noticed that I was charged the extra $ 5.00 for my 2nd receiver not calling in. I looked in diagnostics and noticed it hadn't dialed out via dishcomm in over a month, looks like since last software upgrade. Nothing has changed with the 2 receivers, both are still plugged directly into the...
  4. reynoltd

    Billing question

    I have 2 Vip 622 receivers and am suppose to have the following programming; DVR Advantage AT 250 upgrade HD Essentials Pack This is what my bill shows; Apr 03 - May 02 DishDVR Advantage, You Saved $5.98! 49.99 Addl Receiver Access Fee 7.00 DISH Network DVR Service Fee 5.98 2...