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  1. calbbs

    U239 - HWS

    Just noticed I got U239 early this morning. So far I don’t see anything different.
  2. calbbs

    PTAT/Debate Hiccup?

    I've had PTAT(Mon-Sun, each network) enabled for a couple months now and no problems until last night. I live on the West coast(PST) so the debate ended before PTAT kicked in. I have "Save This Series" set for Survivor, Criminal Minds and Modern Family so that they will get saved to "My...
  3. calbbs

    Transfer Recording from One Hopper to Second Hopper?

    I have a 2H/1J setup and recently had my second Hopper replaced. While waiting to receive the replacement I was recording my shows on the Hopper that the wife uses and now I would like to move those recording to the second Hopper. Clean it up a little so she doesn't have to sift through my...
  4. calbbs

    Pressed Red reset button on Hopper/ Lost all recorded shows and timers.

    I pressed the red reset button on the front of my Hopper this morning and I lost all my recorded shows and timers. I think they were there originally but now they are all gone. :confused: Is this normal or has anyone else had this happen? I'm just glad it was the Hopper that my shows get...