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    Question on putting Dish on hold

    Hey guys. Just wondering if you can still put your Dish Network service on hold for a month or two? I was thinking about putting it on hold so I can try cutting the cord without cancelling anything since I'm still under contract. If I am able to, would I still be able to watch any content...
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    Stuttering when watching recordings off Hopper 3

    So I’m having a weird problem with my Hopper 3 and Joey setup. If I’m watching live tv, everything is fine. When I watch recordings I get some stuttering during play back. Nothing too major. But if there’s a stock ticker, or weather alerts, or sports scores at the bottom of the screen you...
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    Thinking of switching to Dish, have a question

    Currently I have a HR 54 genie in my basement and a wireless mini in my living room. I don’t have any coax in my living room. I am thinking of switching to Dish so I would put a Hopper 3 in the basement and a wireless Joey in the living room. Just wondering how the wireless Joey is compared to...
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    HS-17 question

    Here's my current setup. I have a HR-54 on a 4K tv in my basement. I have a 1080p TV in my living room with a wireless mini. There is no cable up there in that room to connect a receiver, which is why I went with the wireless mini. I decided I wanted to see what it would cost to upgrade...
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    Question on swapping to a wireless genie mini

    So I currently have a HR-54 in my basement and a wired genie mini in my living room. My wife wants to rearrange the furniture in our living room. Problem is, there's no coax where she wants to put the TV and no easy way to get it there either. So I'm looking into swapping our regular mini for...
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    Question on new Amazon Fire TV

    So I see that Amazon released the new Fire TV that supports 4k and HDR. I have the older generation of Fire TV that is 4k. Will the older one do HDR on Netflix or does it not support HDR at all? It sounds like the new box only adds HDR on Amazon content but I can't really find any good...
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    Just want to make sure I have this 4k stuff correct

    So I just purchased a new LG OLED 4k TV. Should be here some time next week. I currently have a HR-54 in the room where my new 4k TV will go and a C51 on HDTV in another room. So to get live 4k tv I would have to move the HR-54 to the room with the HDTV and then either get the C51 swapped for...
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    Need some help with Dish Anywhere app on Fire TV

    Hey guys so I'm trying to troubleshoot the Dish Anywhere app at my dad's house and I could really use some help. He has a 722k in his house with Sling connected to it. He has a separate garage about 20 feet from his house or so. He has a TV with an Amazon Fire TV connected to it and connected...
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    Hopper 3 reliability

    How has the reliability of the Hopper 3 been? It seems like theres a lot of people on here with issues. Which, I know, that's what it is for. Still seems like a lot though. I'm going to have to give up my cord cutting and go back to pay TV. My ISP decided to drastically jack up the price...
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    Sony Vue and Sling TV

    So now that Sony has released their Vue service nationwide how do you guys think it will affect SlingTV? As of right now it seems like Vue is a much better service. For only 10 dollars more you get way more channels, plus a cloud based DVR system. About the only downside to Vue is it...
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    Need OTA advice please

    Hey guys. I'm new to OTA stuff and at the moment I am completely lost. I am thinking about cutting the cord, but I don't want to give up my local channels. The problem is I live in a very rural area and there is not much for options. Here is the tv fool findings...
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    New install, having troubles

    So I decided to make the switch from Directv to Dish and had my install today. I had a Hopper w Sling, Super Joey, and regular Joey installed. Install seemed to go smoothly and when it was done I had to leave right away to get back to work. When I get home from work I go to turn on the TV...
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    HR-44 3D trouble

    I can't seem to make 3D work on my new HR-44. My current setup. HR-44 is attached to an onkyo tx-sr608. Then the onkyo is attached to a Panasonic P60GT30. My PS3 will do 3D just fine and when I had an HR-24 connected that worked as well. But the HR-44 won't. It keeps giving me a message...
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    Thinking of switching

    I am finding directvs offer of free Sunday ticket and paying my early termination fee with dish hard to pass up. However I do have a couple of questions. First off. I have three tvs. My main tv in my basement where I would have the genie. A second tv in our living room which would have a...
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    Cant delete timer

    Ok so I set a timer on my hopper for the show the following on fox when the show started. I have deleted the timer four times now and the next day it will be back. Anyone have any ideas?
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    2 Hopper question

    I currently have a 1 Hopper 2 Joey set up at my house. I am thinking about replacing one of the Joeys with another Hopper w Sling. First question, does anyone know of a way to tell what kind of coax cable is run to my Joey that I want to replace? I looked at the cable that I can see and...
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    Hopper with sling question

    Am considering upgrading from my original hopper to a hopper with sling. Just curious how big the speed increase is? Does it make the joeys faster also?
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    ABC outage in South Dakota?

    Turned on my hopper this morning and in the program guide under ABC it says that the station is currently not able to be carried. The station is KSFY out of the Sioux Falls, SD DMA. Scott can you or someone else look into this and tell me what is going on?
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    Quick question on the Hopper

    I have a couple of questions on watching recorded content off the Hopper. 1. If you have 2 Joey's, can you watch recorded content on each Joey at the same time? 2. Can you watch the same recorded show on both Joey's at the same time?
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    Dish network cancellation fees

    So I switched from Directv to Dish Network 9 months ago. And I am not very happy with my decision at all. Part of it is because of Dish and part of it is because I didn't do my proper research. Anyway, that's neither here nor there. I received a letter in the mail from Directv that if I...