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    Want to reserve a tuner for a persistent channel

    I have an HR44 whole house DVR, and want to keep a specific channel on in one of the rooms. Problem is, when the channels are recorded or changed from other rooms, this room eventually gets kicked off and just the $&#*$ Directv logo shows. Any new software tricks to reserve a tuner for a unit...
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    Remember to replace the batteries in your remote

    Just a note to self, and to others. Remember to replace the batteries in your remote... ...especially if you might be experiencing issues with Genie performance. I had another thread, which was related to the initial performance after the rollout of the current Genie firmware. I don't doubt...
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    HR44 freezes, screen goes black

    Hi, I am a user for about a couple years now, and this is the very first problem I have had with DirecTV. The HR44 is cached back almost to its fullest extent while watching live TV. There is a commercial, I hit the FF button, and the screen goes blank. REWIND/Play/FF buttons don't do...
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    Audio getting cut off

    Hi, there is a new phenomenon that I am experiencing, maybe someone out there has a clue. I am randomly getting a channel banner popup on the hour, and then the channel I am tuned into loses the audio. The "duct tape fix" for it so far is just to change it to a different channel and then back...
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    Anyone use Nomad?

    I use a Genie HR44 and I'm just trying to figure out what additional equipment what I might need, what file format it saves to the PC, and whether or not the file format is encrypted in any way.
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    odd entries showing up in History list as deleted

    I was scheduling some programs on my Genie and happened to get a look at the History list. There were several items which showed up both in the History list and also the My Programs list which I would have never scheduled or deleted in a hundred years. There are two other users at this point...
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    Where to connect satellite RG-6 to UPS surge protector

    Hi all, I just got a whole-house DVR Genie HR44/500 and three wired Genie Clients installed. So far so good! I have a large Cyberpower UPS (with one set of surge suppression RG-6 video connections) which everything in my entertainment center gets plugged into. Since this is a new type of...