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  1. reubenray

    Watching an OnDemand Free Movie??

    I was watching an OnDemand Movie that I got free using the referral program. I had to stop it and now I can't figure out how to continue. How do I continue watching this?
  2. reubenray

    EHD for Wally?

    I want to replace my current EHD with a better/better one and I have a few questions. I had issues with my current EHD with the sequencing of turning it on. My current EHD is a desktop HD in an enclosure that has a power on/off button. The one shown below do not, so I want to make sure I will...
  3. reubenray

    Transferring Recordings from One Hopper 3 to another Hopper 3?

    I have read that I can transfer all or part of my recordings on one Hopper 3 to another Hopper 3 and back with an EHD. Is this correct?
  4. reubenray

    Watching DVR on Hopper 3 with No Satellite Signal?

    Being I have been unable to watch any of my recorded shows on my EHD with my Wally I am thinking about switching to a Hopper 3. But the above question is a concern?
  5. reubenray

    Switching from Wally to Hopper 3 Setup with Winegard Tra'vler?

    After taking an extended trip in our RV I am thinking of switching to a Hopper 3 to replace the Wally. The Wally has restrictions on what we can watch and record that the Hopper 3 should not. But I need to verify what I have to buy and do. I will also be using a tripod setups sometimes. One...
  6. reubenray

    How to Reformat EHD?

    After several days of working to get my recordings to play I think my next step is to reformat it and start over. My recordings are shown, but whenever I try to watch them it shows "no recordings available". I have done resets and hard reboots on the Wally and EHD with no luck. Unless someone...
  7. reubenray

    EHD with Wally Failure?

    I am thinking my EHD may be failing, but I want to check to see if there could be anything else. Over the past few days when a recorded show is turned on all it shows is a blank screen and the timer reduces down by itself. When I go back and try it again it shows the recorded show has been...
  8. reubenray

    Two Wally's with Winegard Tra'vler?

    Is there a splitter or something that would allow me to have two Wally's with only one cable coming from the Tra'vler? I have the cables inside to put one Wally in the front and the other one in the bedroom of my motorhome.
  9. reubenray

    OnDemand Without Satellite Signal?

    I am at a campground in my RV where I cannot get a satellite signal. I figured I would watch some OnDemand shows instead then. But when I try it pops up with a note that says my subscription needs to be upgraded. I have a Wally if that makes any difference. What is going on? Can I or can't...
  10. reubenray

    Dishpointer or Dish's Pointing Guide?

    Which do I use? I have a two lnb EA setup. My zip is 49749. Dishpointer - E - 32.9, A - 156.4 (M), Skew - -21.1? (This is for 61.5 only) Dishpointer - E - 36, A - 170.9, Skew - 78.5 This is for the 1000.4 dish with 3 lnbs. Dish - E - 36, A - 166, Skew - 76 - I have...
  11. reubenray

    Watching/Recording OTA without Satellite Signal??

    What step am I missing to be able to either watch or record OTA channels using the OTA dual tuner adapter when I cannot get a satellite signal? I have scanned for channels and I have 6 of them, but there is no way to add them to my favorites or guide. I am in my RV and I am using a Wally receiver.
  12. reubenray

    Dish Anywhere Guide Issues?

    Every since I contacted Dish chat my guide for my home channels show my home locals, plus the locals of where I am at in my RV. I am trying to schedule recording and confirm recording of my Hopper 3 at my home. I have a Wally in my RV. If my wife misses her recorded reality shows while we...
  13. reubenray

    SEC Network on 61.5?

    Is this not available when using only the 61.5 bird?
  14. reubenray

    Wally Time & OTA Data Wrong?

    I am traveling in my RV and I will be on the East coast for several weeks. How can I change the time on just the Wally to reflect the correct time zone? Also I am getting the wrong data for my local channels as I move across the country. The last stop had the correct data. This stop does...
  15. reubenray

    Dish 61.5 Bird on Winegard Trav'ler?

    Can I do the manually search to find the 61.5 bird on the Winegard Trav'ler?
  16. reubenray

    Netflix on Dish Wally?

    In my motorhome my not so smart Vizio smart TV does not do well with Netflix. Netflix works great with the Wally. The internet speed is the issue between the Vizio and Wally. But will I be able to watch Netflix if my Wally will not work due to trees blocking the signal? The main reason I...
  17. reubenray

    PPV Movies?

    Now that I have 20 free movies to watch due to the Friend Request feature I am looking at what to watch. But I have a question. Are all PPV movies only available by OnDemand and not via satellite? I have a limited data plan, so I have to plan accordingly.
  18. reubenray

    Notice to Update Programming & Software?

    I have been getting a notice on my TV several times a week in the morning to either continue watching or update the programming & software for my Hopper 3. It makes no difference if I update it then or it updates itself later it will pop up again a few days later. Any idea how to stop this...
  19. reubenray

    How to Schedule Recordings Remotely on Hopper 3?

    In a few weeks I will be taking an extended trip in my motorhome. The 2019 fall season will start after I leave. I have been searching on how to schedule my recording with Dish with not much luck. How do I do this?
  20. reubenray

    Setting Skew and Elevation on 1000.2 Dish?

    I got a 1000.2 dish with a Western LNB today from a neighbor to use with my tripod setup. I was looking at the bracket that has the settings for the skew and elevation. What do I set these points to on the brackets?